Saturday 27 April 2024

Fight for the Progate temple


The final battle! With the separatists reduced to small pockets of resistance in the desert planet, Dooku and his apprentice make a last stand in the most sacred place of the geonosians: the temple of their queen Karina the Great
The scenario we rolled was linebreaker, so both sides rushed into the middle of the board to make a jump into the opposition's deployment zone
The left flank of the Republic is held by clones and an AT-RT, who wipe out a squad of B1s in two turns
Kenobi leds by example too, and his lightsaber slices into the AAT
The jedi is then set upon by Ventress, but manages to dodge all but one of her attacks
Anakin joins the fray in support of his beleguarded master
Next turn the jedi master attacks again the massive tank
That is finished by a rocket from a BARC bike
With the CIS on the back foot, Dooku meets the jedi in honorable combat, but the astute Kenobi uses his command cards to amass a wealth of doge tokens to evade his attacks

Ventress is no so lucky, and Anakin kills her without breaking sweat
One by one all the droid infantry is blasted apart
And when the game ends in turn four, the clones have invaded the enemy camp winning 3-0

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