Saturday 16 March 2024

Assault on Geonosis


Return to Geonosis. After the climatic battle that started the Clone Wars the separatists have retaken the planet of Geonosis and rekindled its countless droid factories, with the war on the verge of being lost Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi led and invasion to end this threat once and for all.
The Republic fleet exits hyperspace close to the planet, and comes under immediate fire from the heavy ion cannons of the separatist subjugator flagship
The seppies launch all, a massive wave of fighters, bombers and torpedoes heading for the republicans
With Geonosis as the target and minefields and asteroids blocking the path in the middle command decides on two flanking thrusts to invade the planet from both sides skirting the bulk of the enemy fleet
A cloud of assault boats cripples some weapons on a venator
But the clones answer in kind
Closer to the planet both fleets open fire with turbolasers and torpedoes

The subjugator keeps firing salvo after salvo, but there are too many destroyers to make it count
The clones instead concentrate all fire on a single vessel, blowing up a providence destroyer 

With the way ahead clear the venators make full speed for Geonosis
Landing the clone legions that will root out the separatist menace

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