Thursday 9 February 2023

T-34 medium battle tank


No soviet army is complete without one of the iconic T-34 tanks. This Warlord Games model will fit nicely with the infantry horde that I painted last week. While a late war variant equipped with a 85mm cannon we'll be using it as one of the earlier 76mm tanks from 1942 in our Stalingrad campaign
Painting was pretty straightforward: over a basecoat of chaos black I applied a layer of dark green followed by a lighter green drybrush and some metal sponge chipping. Then the fiddly details such as the commander (a commissar of course), the metal cables and several bags and boxes. The last step was applying the transfers, over which I sponged some extra metal chips
The treads were painted separately and glued in place afterwards. The final touch was a drybrush of light brown to make the mud and dust stains on the lower part of the tank


  1. Very nice! That Soviet officer is dogmeat when a German sniper gets a bead on him!

  2. Socialist ideals are bulletproof comrade!