Thursday 2 February 2023

Primus crusade: purge

And so it came to be that order was restored on Hive Primus by the fire and the sword. The lords of the spire came down from their decadent heights of hubris and descended amongst us, to join the fight against the heretic hordes that had boiled up from the depths of the Underhive. Klovis and I took part in many a purge, joined by the formidable Lady Credo, last heir of a family criminally persecuted by the malevolent Helmawr. It was in one such a cleansing that we met face to face with the sinful daughter of the arch-despot, that had taken on herself the task of reestablishing the tyrannical grip of her house on all of Necromunda.
With fiery words of redemption Klovis led the charge, laying waste to the abominable mutants with the Sword of Persecution
And by His grace was the heretic brought low by the onslaught of the faithful
A skillful fighter, Credo joined the charge in the forefront, slaying the mutants with graceful precision
It was high time to remove such abominations from the sight of the Emperor, and Klovis stormed into their pestilent ranks slicing and mutilating their corrupt bodies

As ever the crusade proved far better fighters than the swollen goliaths, scalping foe after foe while the over-muscled behemoths struggled against the mutant rabble
And after cleansing the hive from the heretic taint was Klovis lauded again as the true saviour of Necromunda! May it prevail long as the brightest gem in the crown of the Master of Mankind.

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