Monday 27 February 2023



Our Stalingrad minicampaign goes on with a meeting engagement between nazis and soviets in an industrial sector of the ruined city
First into the field is Záitsev himself, who gets into ambush...
... and oneshots a german sniper with his trusty mosin nagant
The next soviets to show up are the veterans of the assault section armed with PPSh-41s
Followed by more german reinforcements
Both tanks appear also, but their shots are ineffective given the abundance of cover

Turn 2 begins with a duel between the T-34 and the panzer IV, who both manage to roll a 1 with the antitank gun
Despite this poor showing Záitsev manages to snipe the nazi officer from half the board
The bulk of the russian troops have appeared by now
And the gremans are incinerated by the tank mounted flamethrower
The nazis take cover behind the tank
Precipitating a massed charge of ruskis armed with molotov cocktails
After surviving an antitank shot the T-34 manages to blow p the enemy panzer
And a final charge of the russians seals the game. ¡For the Motherland!

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