Saturday 18 February 2023

Stalingrad assault


First game of our ww2 campaign is a classic assault on an area of ruins held by the red army
The ruskis are well entrenched and wait for the german onslaught

First into the field is a panzer IV followed by a sniper team
The german tank unleashes its fire against the russian infantry wasting tis activation, the T-34 takes this chance to move out of cover
And blow away the nazi tank with an AP shot
Following this success the veteran assault section moves into the nearest ruin
The flamethrower and machine gun of the T-34 makes short work of the incoming germans
That are then finished by the submachine guns of the assault squad
Retaliatory german fire decimates one of the soviet units
But then Zaitsev takes aim and kills the enemy oberleutnant with a single shot
The tank cleans house on the center
And the last fascists turn tail and flee

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