Monday 6 February 2023

Soviet winter


Keeping on with the Bolt Action mojo I've decided to put on a refight of Stalingrad this year to celebrate the 80 years of the german surrender. The first step towards this goal is a box of warlord games soviet winter infantry, who albeit having less flash and mouldlines than their german counterparts, were nonetheless a pain to assemble thanks to having all the weapons separated from their arms
I've separated the soldiers in regular guard infantry with grey coats
And raw conscripts wearing quilted jackets
A sniper team was a must given their importance in both history, movies, and rules
Two heavy troopers equipped with a LMG and an antitank rifle give the platoon some extra firepower
Molotov cocktails were also an essential addition to the force
And finally the officer, who fittingly looks just like comrade Stalin

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