Monday 10 October 2022

Tunisia: operation torch

It is finally time for our bolt action campaign, the setting: the vast tunisian desert, the players: the veteran Afrika Korps facing the yet untested american army. Our first scenario is a clash between both armies on the road to Tunisia during the last days of Operation Torch
The americans are first into the field, taking cover behind rocks and sandbags
While the nazis seize the central redoubt
In the second turn all american guns zero in on the advanced german squad, that is decimated and smothered under a veritable storm of lead
More and more GIs come to the battlefield, starting to outnumber the Wehrmacht
The axis is not without reinforcements however, and a fresh squad of ten men marches into battle
The central unit are beginning to feel the heat, but the americans have bagged way more kills than the germans and now it's only a matter of time
Fresh and steady the rearguard fires their garand rifles, annihilating the first german squad
Then the central veterans are also wiped out
Surging with confidence the americans rush forwards, slaughtering the enemy leftnant at bayonet point

The second unit of vets is destroyed by point blank fire
And the last german turns tail and flees

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