Sunday 16 October 2022

Kasserine pas


In the second installment of our Tunisia mini-campaign the nazis are on the offense attacking the american troops entrenched in Kasserine pass
The first fascists appear and take cover behind some sand bags

Some germans march trough open ground and start to receive enemy fire
The american reserves have also come into the battlefield, firing from behind rocks and redoubts
The air force also joins the battle strafing the axis soldiers
A perhaps overenthusiastic nazi officer rushes ahead of his troops
The german MG32 is silenced by the american machine gun team
The germans concentrate their efforts on the right, that starts to look rather ragged
The germans advance as best as they can
But the americans are heavily entrenched
Some GIs rush to reinforce the mauled right flank firing all the way
The air spotter and his mate snipe the german officer, more than making up their points back
The reinforcements are just in time to blunt the german attack
And with that time runs out and the battle ends in an american victory

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