Tuesday 18 October 2022

Necrober: relics


I've got the Necromunda itch after playing Hired Gun, and realizing that my scenery was woefully scarce for game sin the underhive I've been amassing quite a lot of it to populate the battlefields of the underhive. I also needed some relics for specific scenarios, and after a quick raid into the bits box I made three gang totems to fight over
The first is a redemptionist holy relic, according to the warriors of house Cawdor it's a sacred shield once wielded by one of the knights of the Emperor in the stars, but others thing that it's just a replica made from propaganda pict-captures

Next comes an escher icon, an opulent symbol of their houses's wealth made with offworld feathers, jewels and the daggers and eye that make up their symbol

Tho round the collection up I made a generic relic, the typically crude necromundan symbol of power from which hang the heads of the enemies of any gang, I took the chance to poke some fun at my escher archrivals by painting the elf head as one of their fighters

Some extra barrels are enver amiss

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