Saturday 1 October 2022

Forth eorlingas


Having beaten all the assaults on Helm's Deep, king Theoden and the defenders charge into the mass of uruks with the first light of the fifth day
Aragorn and Eomer take the lead, killing all the enemies in the causeway
Uruk captains and warriors fall before the might of these heroes
Arrows fall on the brave captains of the west, but only manage to kill Theoden's horse
It is then that Gandalf and the rohirrim arrive to seal the deal
Arrows and magic blasts flow true, killing several orcs and uruks 
Then the riders of Rohan charge into the fray
Enveloping and slaughtering some luckless soldiers of Saruman
In the causeway the push of the company of heroes grinds relentlessly on leaving the best warriors of the besieging army dead in its wake
Gandalf splits his force in two, leading a detachment to slaughter a an isolated force of uruks while the rest circle around the foe unleashing a veritable storm of arrows
The heroes have reached the end of the ramp and clash with a mass of evil warriors

Eomer proves once again his mettle by slaughtering an uruk banner bearer and another orc while outnumbered six to one
Theoden and Aragorn don't lag behind and orc after orc fall under their blades
The riders of Rohan charge into the last remnants of the enemy rearguard slaughtering most of it
With more than half his warriors killed to no Rohan loss the evil player concedes


  1. Great fortress and a lot of 1/72 stuff. Where does Gandalf miniature on horse come from? Which rules did you play for this game? Cheers,

  2. Gandalf is a zvezda viking on a horse, rules were GW's