Wednesday 6 December 2023

Cyberpunk corpos

The world of cyberpunk is controlled by big business and executives who often find themselves short of edis for their startups and must stoop to shady underworld deals to keep afloat. Waihingen is one of such men, a corpo with ties to Arasaka that has become entangled in merc work to open a distribution network for his burgeoning bitcoin business. 
His company may be small but this corpo knows how to dress for business, with a flashy golden jacket and a slick haircut that makes him stand out from the unwashed masses

Exec work in the world of cyberpunk is a dangerous line of work, and Waihingen has hired a professional bodyguard to watch his back from gangers and the competition, with a cover job as his assistant she can watch his back during deals and handle the heat when a deal goes wrong


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