Saturday 16 December 2023

Cyberpunk cops (and doors)


Life can be tough in the year 2074 living in a morally corrupt society filled with crime and poverty, but fear not, for the strong arm of the law is always there, ready to serve and protect the corporate interests
Futuristic police are a must in any cyberpunk RPG, and these excellent Papsikels models fit the bill for the low level beat cops that the players will meet when they fall on the wrong side of the law
I went for a classic blue boys paintjob with black body armour, following the style of the NCPD shown in the videogame, thankfully for the players these guys won't be as lethal as those of Night City
I painted the cables, buttons and cameras in different tones to provide some contrast, adding the discarded weapons of some unfortunate gangers to their bases as a final touch
I also needed some doors to separate the different rooms during the games, and I found these in yeggi

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