Wednesday 1 April 2020

Showdown at cargo bay 27B

Proctor Dread, personal report
My lord marshal
As I was overseeing our takedown of the heretic mine I heard that our outpost at reactorville had been attacked again, luckily bunty hunter Alpha and a group of my best men where stationed there to bust the attack
 The criminals had also hired some thug-muscle, a certain Mando
 The bounter was quick to spot the attackers and blew up two with her bolt pistol

 Fire from an officer also cut down a smuggler
 However the hired muscle blazed into our ranks with a hand flamer, taking down Rollins
 Our hunter and the enemy witch battled it out
 It was inevitable that some zombies showed up from the depths of the wreck
 A sorcerous gout of fire saw Alpha rolling in the floor to extinguish the warp flames
 Guilder Sandra and her cronies sallied fowards from the control hub, taking down some perps
 Sadly her aide was killed by a hulking chaos brute
 The kingpin of sin was blasted by bolter fire from Carisi
 From the cover of a power exchanger my men fired into the smuggler scum, taking down one of the frakkheads
 That frakker, Mando, soon paid for his many crimes, killed by the same officer that had dispatched the enemy leader, he deserves a commendation and I reccomend him for the Medallion Helmawr
 Sandra was busy on the other side of the bay, taking down yet another mutie
 Some zombies reached our lines but we repelled them with ease
 The scummers soon lost the will to fight and made a run for it
We are the Law on the wasteland and these perps better believe it!
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