Thursday 9 April 2020

Battle for Polux

The start of the Great Heresy caught the bulk of Legio Metalica on their homeworld, there pinceps Maximus Pentecost was refitting his battlegroup after several deades spent at the forefront of the Crusade, toghether with a small detachemnt of the Ordo Sinister despatched under the writ of Terra. Such accumulation of strength could prove a major threat to the armies of Horus so he sent a force of the Legio Mortis to deal with them; however the traitors would find the iron heads far from easy prey.
De Bello Titanico 

The first titanicus campaign of this year takes place on the Metalica subsector, with the loyalists attacking the verdant moon that orbits the traitor base on the hiveworld Pouia
 Legio Metalica's ranks are bolstered by Orientalis-Perseus, a psi titan from the Ordo Sinister
 With first fire the loyalists open up, blasting some knights
 The last questoris is killed by plasma fire from Imperius Tenebrus
 That takes down the shields from the enemy warlord Abolitorus
 The traitor is blown to scrap, with Perseus delivering the killing stroke, engine kill!

 The loyalists then turn left to face down another Mortis engine
 On the other flank Calvaria and Imperius Quintus blow both their shields away, but with an aimed blast from its plasma anihilator Quintus sends the traitor falling in flames to the ground
 The psi titan strips shields and savages the enemy torso
 Finally princeps senioris Pentecost claims another kill with gatling and plasma fire
With Mortis savaged the traitors beat a hasty retreat
 The noose tightens around the traitors

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