Wednesday 15 April 2020

Battle for Hive Primus

 After securing a foothold in the jungle moon the Legio Metalica launched and invasion of the traitor held planet of Pouia, with the main forces meeting in battle on the primary hive.
De Bello Titanico
 Pentecost and the psi titan took down the shields of an enemy engine
 Meanwhile on the other flank Imperius Quintus and Damnatio blazed away at the foe over the buildings of the residental district
 Orientalis-Perseus destroyed a titan with the sinistramanus
 Quintus orders split fire, the gatling rips open an enemy warlord and the plasma cannon melts the traitor knights

 With quickening Perseus dodges the enemy missiles and destroys the enemy shields with its carapace bolters, finally a volley of both arm weapons kills the Mortis engine
With a lone titan left the traitors give up the game. Since in the campaign the traitors are only left with two engines versus the loyalist five we'll play some narrative games to round up the campaign.