Wednesday 29 May 2019

Tribune Ixion hale

 My 30k custodes army needed a proper boss with spear and shield so after taking a look at the range I decided for this model, he's quite regal and imposing with the massive axe, cape and marble steps.
The Muten Roshi head also gives him a distinct look, catching the eye easily amongst his brethen.
 He's the tankiest model in the list with a 3++ save and -1 to hit, making a stiff competition for Valdor being cheaper in points/cash and more surviveable, plus the model is better anyways

 For the base's marble I found that a last light drybrush helps to blend the veins with the background
 Lots of fine detail and tons of gems, -why can't gold be a skin colour-?
Papa custode ready to take on the heretic chaff

 This model was the predecessor of Trajann Valoris so he'll play as him in 40k. At least, this guy can walk, since he doesn't have a huge golden plate in front of his legs

-Such a commanding presence! What I wouldn't give to have some Blood Games with him!-

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