Wednesday 18 January 2017

Valutino Gora 1812

 Following our narrative minicampaign we gamed this battle where the french must dislodge a bunch of russians behind a river that form the rearguard of the 1st army.
The game was played with lasalle, I picked a russian grenadier division with light cavalry support and my opponent french infantry with a polish brigade.
 The french begin by damaging some grendiers with long range fire
 The hussars are hit by cannonballs too
 The russian heavy guns turn to aim at the french massed center
 The attacker's objective (a religious icon) is placed behind the village of Polodla
 The french sidestep to dodge the guns
 While the russian medium guns bombard Valutino Gora and a fench column caught in the crossfire

  The french cross the river and are out of the gun's field of fire, but in bad shape
 The garrison of Valutino is routed by the position battery
 The hussars charge the french who smartly form into square

 Miraculously the hussars break the square and rout the imperials!
The icon sure helped there
 Another french column is routed by the guns
 With half the french batallions destroyed, the russians now pass into the offensive
 While the damaged hussars retreat after having done their part
 The heavy cannon now aim to Kuhorchino, the plan is to soften the garrison with grape and then charge with the fresh grenadiers
But then the french fail their morale test and rout
Overview at the end of the battle. With two campaign points now the russians have an extra unit for the last battle (Berezina)

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