Thursday 12 January 2017

Allied heavies

 Finally done, after a month of work all is ready for Trafalgar! I look back at all those days 
and I see a versatile fleet with which to wargame the entire 18th and part of the 19th centuries.
The spanish three decks and the Santíssima Trinidad are then the last ships to join the assembly. Having a holy trinity at home it was a must put on the shoot,

 Santíssima Trinidad. For her I wanted something special, so instead of editing a war artizan hull I used a profile from the internet which gave her a lighter colour, more height and a better prow. If you compare her with the rest you'll see that her bowsprit is the better looking, that's because the prow decorative "grid" is lower than the rest. She also has a further layer of balsa than the 3 decks to give her more height and an imposing aspect (and 4 decks!!!).

 Príncipe de Asturias, Gravina's flagship that day 

 Rayo (white) and Santa Ana (green)

 I also made a french 3 decker for future games such as the Nile

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