Wednesday 25 January 2017

Maloyaroslavets 1812

 Today the third game of our minicampaign, Maloyaroslavets.
The russians defend the crossing in order to make Napleon retreat by the devastated Smolensk road.
 The polemic of the game: the russians have 8 guns to the french 4, in the future we'll make a more balanced artillery distribution.
 The french began by massing into the center of the village
 The russians reacted by sending the uhlans to capture some guns
 We were watching Alexander (2004) while we played, a fantastic movie
 The french cav retreats after tasting russian grape
 And one regiment is routed by fire from the garrison
 The uhlans kept on
 The french take a house but aren't overly agressive
 However the grape begins to fly on the garrison

 The rest of russian guns establish a crossfire and damage the retreating french garrison
 The uhlans charge
 And take the guns
 The garrison remained on the river and was finally shot to pieces
 The french form an undecided mass
 What's left of their cav moves against the uhlans

 The russian riders reform to recieve the charge
But then the french fail their morale test and retreat. The next (and last) battle of the campaign will be Berezina, a fitting game for the cold wave that we're enjoying these days.

I should paint some russian ulhans and stop using the polih ones...

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