Thursday 5 January 2017

Battle of Saltanovka

 Beginning the first minicampaign of 2017 with this battle, where the russians must cut through the french to join the main army. I picked a Lasalle grenadier division with extra grenadier brigade while my father the guard division with two old guard batallions.
I'm also shooting this with my newly gifted camera, note that the quality is much better, altough the tone is too cold perhaps? I'll look into it.

 The ruskis quickly crossed the river and unlimbered the guns

 Pounding the french in front
 The russians crossed and reformed into line

 The young guard big unit made the guns limber with accurate shots
 Then crossed the river

 The russians quickly redeployed to bar the guardsmen's path
 While the shootout continued

 The old guard batallions now charged after firing
 While the guns ended the wandering young guards
 One batallion of Olds was mauled by fire and finally routed
 The french guns were also taken by grenadiers
 But the remaining grognards, undeterred went on routing russian batallions
However the imperials had lost too many men, and after failing the morale test they retreated, giving one campaign point to the russians.

This game has shown that guard divisions aren't very good at Lasalle, theose old guards however, are formidable!

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