Friday 27 January 2017

Battle of Castrilla

 Looks familiar?
 In the closing years of the second century M31 the Sons of Horus were embroiled in a contested fight for the desert world of Castrilla: moving over the surface through their warpgates the xenos were an elusive foe, striking and fading, and the clashes between both sides wer as sudden as bloody.
 Facing an eldar D spam list, D battery
 D knight. Note the eldar player behind moving at incredible high speed thanks to fleet
 And D flamers isnide the serpent. 
 I brought culstist hordes
 Iron Hands

 And Horus & friends in reserve
 I seized the initiative and quickly killed th eldar warlod & bikes with the typhon
 Horus and the vets showed up

 The vets and termis reduced the knight to one wound
 And then the Typhon took aim...
 ... and killed it with a lucky shot
 Hawks dropping behind my lines
 D flyer!
 The termis were all killed, and Horus badly wounded
 Spiders taking an objective 
 Those D flamers were painful 
 Horus surfing on a destroyed prisma

 Serpents win the challenge
 But lose the combat

 Still surfing...

 Jetbikes move really fast and seize an objective, a bit OP that they're troops but heresy lists can also make them so
 Horus is killed for the first time ever by a D flamer! In hidsight perhaps it was a bad idea to bring him vs a infamous co(D)ex like eldar...

 Nex turn the typhon killed the bikes
 A squad of spiders was destroyed in combat

Match point: the D flyer kills the vets and the eldar win 9-7. 
Another defeat, it seems that nowadays I can only win against my father...

Despite the defeat the game was very balanced until the last roll and I'm very happy with the Typhon 

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