Thursday 8 January 2015

Karak eight peaks

 Long time ago I decided to make a campaign based around the recapture of a dwarf hold in the grey mountains, back then I made a set of tunnels, chambers and bridges to battle in the underground. The dwarfs were the victors of that campaign that pitched dwarfs and empire versus orcs and goblins, after that, the tunnels saw little action appart from some 40k games. Until now.

I decided to revitalize my underground scenery and create a campaign set in Karak Eight Peaks with three players: skaven, dwarfs and night goblins led by Queek headtaker, king Belegar and Skarsnik respectively.

For the new campaign I would also make new tunnel scenery, with a set of four pillars to play in the dwarf halls. And after some months work here is the outcome:
I dividied all the tunnel scenery in five boxes, to protect them from dust and ease transportation.
First box: this one contains some of the new scenery.
 First of all a forge based on the catalan "farga" wich used an air chamber to increase the temperature of the melting oven and water weel to lift a massive hammer. Models wich stay in this section will have a +1 to armour save up to 3+
A sheme of the farga's workings: the water box recieves mixed air and water, wich becomes separated during to the fall. That oxigen-rich air is trown into the oven due to the pression of the waterflow and increases its heat producing a purer iron. Thus we achieve the same effect as a bellows without the need to spend resources in the mechanical work that they would need, that is in itself the definitory aspect of the catalan farga.
The impact of the massive hammer into the iron sets apart the slags wich have remained in the metal and expells the internal oxigen bubbles wich would have weekened the steel if hammered with less strength. This porcedure was common aroud Europe from the XII century onwards so nothig sepcifically catalan about it.
 No dwarf forge would be complete without a magical rune to help the process!
 Mining shaft and stairs
 These can be placed to conect four diferent levels with the right hand stairs leading to another right hand stairs and so on.
 Underground small junction
 Turns and a criss-crossing, ideal for surprising the enemy with a close distance charge
 Box two: more new stuff
 A big subterranean junction with the banner of the Eigth Peaks hold carved in it, note that front and back entrances are bigger than the other two, as to give acess to bigger or smaller tunnels. A pity that it bended, I should stick it over an unmoving surface.
 A cavern with stalagmites
 A narrow corridor wich allows pass to only infantry models
 The pillars wich you may have seen in this post were made according to calculations so they would fit inside this box
 Third box. new and old stuff, the old ones were in need of a new paintjob and some chopping in order to fit inside the box
 Another cavern from the new set
 Tunnels of 4 and 2 cmt breadth
 More of the same and in the background a door wich connects with the habitations/tombs of the next box
 Fourth box: old chambers
 An underground holdfast based ont he fortified gatehouses inside the walls of the fortress of Salses, the enemy must turn and walk through a corridor under fire instead of charging straight ahead in order to reach the doors. Monsters and such must first hack their way trough the stone walls before reaching the troops inside. The holdfast counts with a middle wall in order to offer a second line of defence to enemies wich have overrun the first, I should do some homerule about first line troops escaping to the second line while being pursued, perhaps if they are caught by the pursuers, those enter also the second line as the defenders have had no time to close it or something like that.
A map of Salzes, in red the route that the enemy must follow while under fire
 Armies wich do not move in the campaign turn automaticaly build a holdfast to defend themselves if inside a tunnel territory
 A chamber wich can be either a group of tombs or houses

 A 2 cmt tunnel
 A bridge across a chasm
 The fifth and last box contains a dwarf brewery

Units that move first into the brewery will pick up the crates of Druric's XXXX wich give a +1 to Ld during the turn where are drunk.
 The copper kettles say "Druric's brewery" in khazalid

 The eight peaks in all their foamy glory!
And once packed


  1. That's very cool, you'll have fun with this terrain.

  2. Thanks! I'll have to play with it bit by bit