Monday 26 January 2015

Flies and spiders

 After braving the perils of Goblin Town, the company continues its travel, but in the darkness of Mirkwood a new peril awaits: spiders!

In this scenario, the company has to exit with all their members except Bilbo via one of the short edges of the board in 12 turns time. The company deploys in the center of the board, in a clearing around a tree, the spiders deploy at 50cmt from the dwarfs in a circular deployment zone. The spiders have the first turn.

Company of thorin oakenshield
3 giant spiders (fall of the necromancer)
4 lesser spiders (-1 S, A and W)

Special rules:

Disarmed: all dwarfs count as disarmed, with the hinderances that apply in those cases, they can however throw rocks as per hobbits.

The ring: Bilbo can use the ring of power without any adverse effects.

Bugtide: any spider killed can re-enter by any board edge.

Spiderwebs: the giant spiders can web a net across 10cmt straight instead of moving, nets block all movement and count as having one wound with defence 5 for models wishing to cut them.

 The company is free from their bonds, but finds itself sorrounded by vengeful spiders!

 The spiders begin to close in

 Bilbo charges the big one while the company takes on its smaller cousins killing one with stones.
 Bilbo finishes off its own quickly

 The killed spiders appear and throw a wall of spiderweb before the exit

 However, no spider can resist the touch of Sting!

 A double layer of spiderweb now lies between the company and their ultimate goal

 The company cuts the net before them and charge against the spiders behind
 The spiders fought furiously, but the dwarfs ultimately manged to keep them at bay and cut through the nets with turns to spare.

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