Friday 10 May 2024

Albrecht's regiment of foote


Albrecht Küste is one of the richest merchantmen in Altdorf. Originally from Averland, he made a fortune by importing all kinds of foodstuffs through the Reik to the imperial capital in well protected boats manned by his own personal army of sailors and guards. Despite, or because of his riches, Küste is also a concerned imperial citizen, and has outfitted a small regiment of halberdiers in service to Altdorf, who have seen combat against the myriad foes that threaten Sigmar's empire. Made up by an assortment of mercenaries from places as far as Tilea and Estalia, the unit has distinguished itself in the recent campaigns against the hordes of chaos, and many a foe has met its end under the blades of these fashionably dressed soldiers.
This unit is again a mixed batch, with miniatures from battlemasters, empire 6th edition and those splendid imperials from Gamezone, my favorite of the bunch
The banner was based on a griffon design i found in the web. First I painted the inner lines of the figure, then I drew the outline and filled it up, with details such as the wings, claws and hair tufts left for later. The final touch was drawing some cutout lines with the background colour to give depth to the design
This unit (and all the battlemasters you'll see here) was lent to me by my good friend Albert, so I decided to write a bit of fluff involving him with the regiment

He also leased me this spearmen, whom I needed to complete the unit you saw some weeks ago

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