Tuesday 27 June 2017


 For these I used a tutorial which can be found at Mordian 7th, the main problem that I found was fitting the top fan that needed a scratchbuild plate beneath

Sunday 25 June 2017

Roboute Guilliman

 I've painted the Avenging Son for my 40k armies, a detailed model for sure, the twisting tendrils were a pain to paint (like Fulgrim's). This was the miniature that got me most excited after the custodes so it was a must buy after those.
 I decided to poke some good natured fun at smurf fans in the base

 The torches are in danger of snapping if not handled with care

 Some closeups: first the sword, which I painted in orange tones so it would contrast nicely with his blue armour. You kow the orange/blue thingie that you find in all movies's posters
 His backpack wears the mechanicus sigil and one screen with his vital sings. He's a bit old you know, the set also includes an oxygen tank for grandpa Guillie next to the ammo magazine
 Hand of dominion
 The breasplate was painted gold to give him a more "asterix roman" look.
His left eye could use some work but it's hard to reach behind that pauldorn
 I should buy a better white but the crappy one I have can last me for many years
 This shoulder pad is the bit I like least of all the mini, the eagle has the "pavarotti syndrome" of the late imperial griffon that looks like it's about to launch a figaroooo
 Every marine's icon according to Ward

 I turned his helmeted head into a marker for 7th (not that he'll play much of that)

Comparison shot with Horus, a model form whick the designer picked up some ideas, the warmaster got a nicer eagle, but Guillie far more bling and a microhead