Saturday 25 July 2020

Machinator Yards

 With the Sapphire City in loyalist hands the heretics mount a counterattack
 Astorum's objective is to recover some crew stranded in the middle of no man's land, a squadron of warhounds quickly rushes to the location
 The Iron Warrior tanks are blown up by concentrated fire
 While the crew climbs safely aboard Magister Astrarum
 Another traitor titan is destroyed by Rex Caelestis
 Overview mid battle
 In the left Equinox has flanked the enemy while princeps Becket smashes his fist into the foe
 Finally fire from Equinox kills off the massive Warlord
 The enemy princeps seniores is cut down by fire from no less than three titans
Magister exits the board with the prize sealing the deal

Astorum Battle Titans

 More reavers fresh from the forges, these great 3D models round off nicely the Warp Runners battlegroup
 Rex Caelestis is the engine of princeps majoris Miko, an experienced pilot eager to make the traitors pay for the death of her parents. The paint scheme is based on "Praetorian" the command engine during the siege of Vraks
 Miko proudly wears the imperialis on her weapon armour, devoting every shot to vengeange in service of the Emperor

The Lucius L is freehand with a skull decal
 Luna Luctifica is the ride of the impulsive Raleigh Becket, a showy pilot that eschews more tactically sound weapons if favour of a gigantic volcano cannon and a titanic powerfist. He has had his share of run-ins with legio command but his loyalty is beyond doubt, a quality sadly lacking in this Age of Darkness. I've used Betrayal at Calth decals for it and they look great
This model is also an obvious homage to this classic artwork from back in the day

 The complete Legio Astorum posing for an obligatory Vraks shot
 I've also done two fellblades due to the old man's constant grumbling about "being undergunned"
 Superheavy squadron
 A nice piece of forgeworld terrain made with spares

Saturday 11 July 2020

Wednesday 8 July 2020


 Catalan guerrillas, sometents where the armed populace that gathered at the sound of church bells I've painted them in traditional black, read and white with purple barretines for the married men

Sapphire City

 Having blunted the enemy conterattack the loyalists attack the main base beneath Sapphire City
 First to open the ball are VIIth legion fellblades that kill a damaged warhound
 An Astorum warhound outflanks a lumbering warlord, getting out of its field of fire
 A squadron of scout titans kills another engine on the other side of the board
 The fellblades take aim and destory the third warhound with their accelerator cannons
MVP of the game

Monday 6 July 2020


 Spanish guerrilleros, this unit is  a mix of andalusians and valentians (the guys in skirts) plus one priest to provide divine protection

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Battle of the Khedive

Another titanicus campaign, this time in the war wracked planet of Tallarn, after the initial campaign games the traitors have been boxed in around the sightless warren, an attempt to break out crashes against the solid imperial defence in the Khedive plains
 Legio Astorum takes to the field against Mortis
 The warp runners' objective is to rescue a stranded crew in the middle of no man's land
 Two warhounds rush forwards...
 ...and the crew mounts in
 An enemy titan valiantly charges forwards but is destroyed
 While the warhound with the objective falls back under fire from the fellblade
 Mortis had to exit the board with a vital cargo, but the warlord was cut down by crossfire
 With all the enemy engines dead Astorum claims a hard fough victory
The only surviving traitor, a battered Iron Warriors fellblade retreats from the field