Saturday 26 May 2018

Baruk Khazâd

 A group of orcs have ambushed a dwarf party during the night and killed them all. Upon hearing of the attack, king Dain sallies forth from Erebor hell bent on vengence, ambushing the orcs in a wood.
A straightforward bash: you must reduce the enemy to a quarter of its starting number to win.
 The orcs go for the group near the hill, the dangerous Dain is in the other group, a no brainer choice
 The superior movement rate of the evil minions allows them to surround the dwarfs with ease
 The beardlings start to fall
 A troll crashes into the beleguarded dwarfs for extra mayheim
 The survivors retreat skirting the edge of the wood
 But the orcs catch up
 Meanwhile the other group has been advancing sluggishly under missile fire
With the first group badly mauled, the light decides to call it a day

Saturday 19 May 2018

Murin's fate

The dwarf king Murin is coming to the aid of his brethen in the Lonely Mountain; unsettled by the Mirkwood, he decides to skirt its northern edge. It is then that his party is attacked by a band of orcs from the Ered Mithrin, the stalwart dwarves climb to a hill and prepare to sell their lives dearly, but then a company of wood elves comes to the rescue from the edge of the wood.
 The light will win if Murin exits by the opposite board
 The darkness only has to kill the king

 Battle starts with the orcs sprinting forward
 The cave troll charges over the slope
 Causing mayheim
 The line of dwarves is swamped by the evil mass, the survivors retreating uphill
 Lone dwarves are surrounded and killed
Murin's last stand is ultimately doomed, and the darkness emerges triumphant

Saturday 12 May 2018

Battle for Golgoth

 The third game in the campaign takes part in the world of Golgoth, where the Imperial Navy launches a planetary invasion
 First blood goes to the orks, who blow up a frigate with the hulk's lances
 The imperials advance steadily, screening the line with torpedoes and bombers
 The ork craft also attacks valiantly
 The last frigate manages to survive a bombing run
 Two squadrons finish off a striken rok

 The imperials cut the ork line, laying a curtain of fire with their broadsides
 Two sucessive waves of bombers destroy one rok, while another is reduced to mineral chunks by the batteries of the battleship Sebastian Thor

 A lone squadron attacks and destroys the frigate
 The dominator class cruiser is beset by boarding parties, but her nova cannon remains unscathced
 After punching a gap in the ork defence the fleet heads for the planet
 The torpedoes of the Thor slam into a rok
 Destroying the makeshift contraption
 Badly damaged, the dominator disengages
 The Thor is the first to enter the atmosphere and begin landing operations
Without any way to prevent the landing the oks give up on the battle
The Navy then seizes the planet Golgoth. The renown of both admirals decides who wins the campaign, and with a gaping difference of 22, the ork player decided to concede.

Wednesday 2 May 2018

The defence of Meloch

 Another BFG game, this time a fleet engagement with the orks invading the Meloch system
 The Sebastian Thor leads the imperial defenders, pumping out waves of bombers
  A disappointing torpedo salvo only causes one damage out of a possible nine
 The Revenger is crippled by enemy fightas
 Tettering on the brink after a bombing run, this rok is destroyed by a lone squadron

 The Thor veers to starboard and despatches another with contemptuous ease

 Another rok dies to bombers
 However frigate squadron Hades breathes its last under massed gunfire
 Revenger is in bad shape after this attack
 She is even hit by torpedoes, that luckily fail to hit
 Another bomber wave rips appart this rok

The second dictator, Imperial Peace, is also crippled by bombers.
At this point the ork player becomes a bit nervous wathcing his hulk go straight for the planet and breaks it during the move, ending thus the battle
The map remains the same and the hulk hits the reapiring docks