Friday 21 March 2014

The shores of the Amaxon

So, the campaign of Lustria continues, this time my warband confronted a gang of "amazons" in the depths of the hellish jungles of the new world. After two battles, my warband had been reduced by three memebers, the two faithful of Sigmar and Ulric had perished, alogside with the cat pet of the patrocinator of the expediton Otto Jaeger. Since I managed to get a powerful magic object, the staff of sotek, and lacked any wizard in my warband to use it I decided to get one. After a double 6 in the experience roll, one of my henchmen advanced into a hero and gained some skills: Having in mind that all the worshippers of the traditional gods were dead and the campaign wasn't going well I thought that would fit the story if he started worshipping chaos and got a "mark of Tzeentch" skill, as the desperate members of the warband turned to the dark gods for salvation. Now I had a wizzard, and with the power of the stolen lustrian artifacts I was well prepared to confront anything that the jungle could throw at me.
 The battlefield with my warband to the left
The encounter chart, depicting the dangers of Lustria  

 My opponent's warband of "amazons", historical mayans in fact, his band is even named apocalypto!

 The battle begun with him seizing the inititative

  Both sides advancing against the other

 First blood for me: a henchmen is stunned by an arrow
 In the encounters phase, a danger was launched upon my cartographer, the random result was "moving sands" wich he ignores thanks to not wearing any armour.

 The guy in black was the one having developed the mark of Tzeentch
 For my part I launched an encounter against an eagle warrior, who was merely stunned by a carnivorous plant

 Jaguar warrior and two henchmen advancing against my left flank
 While a priest takes cover behind some trees

 My warriors advanced to meet the challenge
 And one of the henchmen was taken out of action by a magic bolt from the staff of Sotec

 In my right flank I kept advancing against the amazons hidden behind the vegetation
 In my next turn I charged to the right...

...and to the left
 The chaos worshipper summoned the power of the dark gods and turned one of the amazonian henchmen against his own, charging the jaguar warrior
 Who was taken down, but in his turn raised again unscatched
 My opponent launched his priest against otto Jaeger (in the foreground) but just stunned him

 The concentrated attacks finally took out of action the jaguar warrior
 In my turn I launched the traitor amazonian against a hero

 In the right, the fight was unconclussive with men of both sides going down
The eagle warrior wwass taken out of action by the youngblood Gustav Jaeger (son of Otto) and his champion bodyguard 

 Hail Tzeentch! the corrupted henchmen took out of action the eagle warrior
 In the eoncounters phase, a mad cap fungi appeared under one of my champions, but he passed the Ld test to remain safe
 I charged the last amazonians in the right, trying to envelop the fight in the left
 In my opponent's turn, he finally regained control of the corrupted henchemn and charged against my chaos sorcerer yelling for vengeance
 In the right I managed to kill both henchmens

 After an unconclussive round of combat, my bowmen advanced to support their fellows, since they were running out of targets

 Eventually, my sorcerer was killed by a vengeful henchman, while Otto and the champion killed a lone bowman hidden behind the trees in the background
And this hand to hand continued for turns and turns. Unlike necromunda were this situation would have been swiftly resolved, the very bad rules of Mordheim led to a boring sucession of missed attacks, parries and undecisive stunnings until the end of the game. 

Finally the battle was over with Otto Jaeger's sailors as the clear victors. 
However, during the campaign phase, only my sorcerer died, what turned the post battle sequence in a victory for the amazonians. Funnily enough, the artifact that I found in the exploration phase was the same staff of Sotek that had been lost with the death of the sorcerer, one of my heroes even gained a skill wich I turned into another mark of Tzeentch, leaving the situation the same as in the beginning but with a hero less. Well, at least I gained the double of gold crowns than my opponent and my first victory in the campaign so far!
 Some pictures of the amazonian warband