Wednesday 31 January 2024

Zombiecide miniatures


I've been a bit busy lately painting these  fellows from the Zombiecide board game. Although I've never played it these models are quite beautiful and detailed, with a wide range of armament and personalities varying from hulking zombie bosses to deceptively innocent looking children.

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Omaha Beach


I've been a bit out of the gaming scene due to having both my parents at hospital, but with them well and back home I'm posting the report of a Normandy refight we played with my dad.
The scenario was Bunker Assault from the warlord games webpage, pitting an elite wave of american ranger against a motley crew of nazi defenders
First into the beach is a veteran Sherman
Who immobilizes a shaken Panzer IV still reeling from the navy's barrage
The rangers begin to land coming under immediate fire
¡Achtung, die amerikaner sind hier!
But the enemy fire does little to the elite GIs, who storm the first bunker killing the enemy officer

More ranger begin the advance by the right while the sniper team takes position
The germans fail to activate
And are wiped out. First bunker taken, two to go
The sniper takes his first victim with a single shot: a german armed with an MG42
But then the air strike falls on american lines killing the spotter with friendly fire!
Full advance with time running out
While the panzer IV is blown up by an AP shell
Second bunker is taken without a fuss
And now only the last german bastion remains
But is swiftly taken by the elite rangers
With it's fall the beach is cleared of nazis and the push on Paris can begin!

Thursday 18 January 2024

Necromunda 1st edition resources

 In this post you'll find all the rulebooks and expansions for the first edition of Necromunda, the books are provided in spanish for those volumes published in this language and in english for the rest. 


Manual de Campaña (bandas)

Suplemento desterrados

Adeptus Arbites

Necromunda Compendium

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Cyclops: cyberpunk ganger


The last model of 2023 was this flashy futurist character, a chiped-up fellow that epitomizes the "style over substance" outlook of the cyberpunk universe. The model is again from Papsikles and will be used as a rockerboy for one of the players of my campaign.