Sunday 28 May 2017

Thousand Sons veterans

 A pair of veteran squads to kick off my thousand sons, each marine has his egyptian name in hierogliphs somewhere in his armour, other symols such as scarabs, ankhs and the eye of Horus complete their legion theme.

 After finishing shooting I realized that this sarge lacked the eye of horus and de golden eagle on the bolter, both are now painted

Saturday 27 May 2017

Clash in the ash wastes

 Another Shadow War game, this time guard vs necrons
 I got first turn and went on overwatch, while the necrons hid

 One of my snipers spots a necron and shots him down, passing the ammo test with double sixes

 A necron specialist sneaks on the sniper
 Killing him in hand to hand
 A guard recruit gets his vengeance soon enough

 But the necrons gang up on the other sniper, kill him and I, failing the morale test, lose the battle
Run away!

Thursday 25 May 2017

Lasalle points system playtest

 Made a points system for lasalle which you can find below  this being the playtest. It's very well balanced but the guns have been reduced to 50pts. The problem with Lasalle is that some lists are too OP: russians have too many guns, austrians more bases per unit and spanish free trenches and win if they tie, so a general system was needed to balance all armies.

I picked prussians with lots of regular infantry, one of veteran hussars a cheap unit of conscripts (landwehr) and four guns. My father picked two units of old guard, one of cuirassiers and five  regular infantry
 The french deployed in two flanking masses, the cuirassiers spearheading the one of the right
 The prussians just formed a line anchoring it in the center village
 French advancing in èchec

 The prussians must give way to a guard unit

 But win a round of combat against the gardes and sent them packing to the rearguard

 A french column is caught in hand to hand and pushed back

 The prussians form a crossfire
 One unit of guards is routed under continous fire from the village and the regulars
 The cuirassiers charged the veteran hussars and were repulsed

 The other french unit is also routed with only a guard unit left

The guard weathers the prussians volleys stubbornly and charge, but we have come to the last turn and the prussians win 275pts to 0.

Lasalle points system

Infantry: any number
Infantry unit 100pts: 4 bases reliable/experienced/SK1
Special rules, pick up to two, if marked with* you can only take one.
Unpredictable/amateur/SK0 -25*
Unpredictable/irregular/SK0 -25*
Valiant: +25
experienced or irregular/SK2: +25
Guard: +25
Reliable/experienced or irregular/rifles/SK3 (british only): +50*
Guard/valiant/Sk2 (old guard, french only): +75*

Cavalry: 1 for each 2 infantry units
4 bases unit 100pts: reliable/experienced
Special rules, pick up to three, if marked with* you can only take one.
A unit can't have shock and lancers at the same tame, pick one of the two.
Shaky/amateur: -25*
Valiant: +25
Shock: +25
Lancers: +25
Guard: +25

Artillery: 1 battery of 2-4 guns for each 3 infantry/cavalry units, all guns must be of the same kind in a battery and one of them can be a howitzer.
Light gun: 25
Light mounted gun: 50
Medium gun: 50
Heavy gun: 75
Rocket (british): 25

Generals: same number than opponent, roll attributes in the lasalle army tables.

Saturday 20 May 2017

Defend the turf!

 I've joined the shadow war Armageddon in the local GW and I can say that it's as good as the original necromunda. Right we do not have hive gangs but this way any player can join in the fun.
The game was Ordo Xenos vs Imperial Guard so pretty similar gangs and equipment.
 I got the mission to sneak a warrior across the board so I deployed away from my opponent to get a clean run 
 Two snipers took the tower but the inquisition warband got first turn, and their superior gear began to tell, making one of them trip and fall to his death
 Ordo xenos sniper...

 My runner rushed, while some eschers advanced
 The inquisitor sliced a guard she has three wounds and servoarmour, a tough nut to crack
 I caused her one wound wit my sniper
 The rest of my warband arrived while the inquisitrix moved aside
 One of my snipers killed the inquisition one
 The inquisitrix however charged in and killed the two gangers on the bastion
 All to no avail, one guard crossed the border, claiming victory
Then battle was down to my remaining warriors retreating from the board under heavy fire, some managed it but most not. With my gang somewhat depleted I claimed victory, the sniper who fell died and the rest got some advances. With the money from the campaign phase I replaced the dead sniper and upgraded the warband to its maximum of 10 warriors. Next game most of my gals (and guys) will be recovering from wounds so it won't be an easy game...