Saturday 29 April 2017

Cartagena de Indias

 Kicking out another mini-campaign, this time a war of Jenkin's ear-Austrian Sucession one, starting with the siege of Cartagena de Indias: The british attackers must take and hold the St Philip fortress outside of Cartagena within 12 turns in order to win the scenario (and the city),
 Spanish regulars await the coming onslaught: No pasarán!
 Reserves garrisoned at Cartagena
 Brits advance sneakily in the middle of the night
 Blas de Lezo, the spanish CiC
 The redcoats surround the fortifications while the defenders aren't close enough to detect them
 Angriff! Hessians spill first blood
 Bourbon reinforcements inbound, hold fast boys!
 This combat would drag on for most of the battle, the lobsters helding their ground despite the odds (rolling much less HtH dice)
 The hessians become disordered and block the path of the second line
 Brits move guns to close range
 The redcoats manage to deploy, but more spanish begin to pour into the entrenchment
 In the right flank the marines are sent to deal with some guns

 The bloodshed continues as a second infantry unit joins the hand to hand combat
 A british batallion charges fort st Philip
 Carrying it at the first roll, that was lucky!
 Spanish reserve move to retake the fortifications, a la reconquista!
 Two units prove too much for the spanish dragoons, that rout
 Retirada! The spanish attack is repulsed and Lezo asks for terms
In true last of the Mohicans fashion Lezo surrenders the city to colonel Grant.
The moment inmortalized by random court artist: Pasaron compañero...

At least we'll have some use for all those medals now!