Saturday 14 December 2013

The pyramid of the constellations

 The terrain: the pyramid at the center, surrounded by ruins and jungle

 An sketch of the pyramid's interior with the treasure: an enormous diamond
 forest walkers: leader with longbow and greatsword, wardancer with sword, two youngbloods with sword, an explorer with longbow, a dryad and two henchmen with longbow
 encounters (from warhammer armies: Lustria)

 A silvan elf explorer deploys in the pyramid out of the men's sight
 the weather variable marked that the day was foggy and all shooting ranges were reduced to half, so the elves in their first turn advanced instead of entrenching and unleashing volleys as usual.
 the explorer climbed the pyramid and prepared to shoot
 the adventurers advanced also

 in the enconters phase a dinousur attacked the human captain but he was just  stunned

 the elf leader moves behind cover
 while the dryad moves into the stairs
 the wardancer tried to climb by the side but fell and went out of action
 the adventurers advance towards the stairway
 on the other side of the building it's companions move towards the elfic archers
 while some bowmen try to shot down the explorer without sucess

 an native curse is played upon one chamion who flees terrified
 the dryad charges the other champion who flees in fear

 a carnivorous plant ends with the explorer at the top
 while Otto and his pet climb the pyramid

 battle is joined in the rear

 an swordsman carrying a greatweapon recives an arrow to the eye and ins killed instantly
 the combat in the stairs continues, with one fallen youngblood
 a henchman is killed
 the captain, charges in defence of the youngblood and stunnes the walking plant with his brace of pistols
 in the other side a tilean is dealing with the bowmen

 a chamion climbs too the building
 the two leaders clash in hand to hand
 inside the pyramid the cat falls into a snake pit
 the combat ends with the elfic leader stunned
The outcome:

the adventurers lost the battle, the blond warrior armed with sword and the one with great weapon were slain, but since all their heroes survived the battle were capable of finding more treasures after the battle worth 60 GC while the depleted elves only managed 45. Also some rare and precious artifacts were found: a kainite blood blade by the elves and a plaque of Chotec and the armour of the swamp drake by the humans. No one managed to arrive to the core of the pyramid, althought Otto Jaeger got near.

Since the campaign is beig fought for the loot, the player taht manages to find more GC will  be the winner.