Sunday 25 March 2018

Grenada 1779

 Starting a naval minicampaign based on the battles in the Caribbean during the AWI
First game is the battle of Grenada, where the british fleet led by John Byron (the grandpa) is coming to the rescue of the said island, clashing against far superior french guarding their latest conquest under admiral D'Estaign.
 The brits reform into a kind of file while the french launch some squadrons ahead of the main force
 Luckily for the britons, the wind rolls behind them, boosting their movement
 First to open fire is an english ship, unloading both her broadsides to the enemies at either side
 The sons of Albion engage the two advanced squadrons at close range

 Turning behind one of the vanguard groups, the brits take their first prize, the french ship is ablaze from stem to stern, and due to blow up in three turns, get clear boys!
 Some imprudent french brigs have come too close to the action, paying dearly for it
 Another of the enemy is caught in a crossfire and strikes
 Admiral Byron's flagship, HMS Princess Royal destroys a defenceless brig, bully...
 Under the guns of no less than four brits this french ship surrenders
 Not everything goes well for Byron, as one of his ships is sandwitched and surrenders
 Having crossed the first line, a british man o' war engages the frigates on the rear
 Burning and with only one damage left, an english ship launches a suicide run against the enemy line
 The Princess Royal wreaks havoc in the enemy's backyard
 Time is up
 And with a loud bang the ship is no more!
 The frigates suffer but won't die
 The suicide british is somehow still alive, her crew has even put out the flames!
 Le Languedoc, admiral D'Estaign's flag is set upon by three enemies
 Byron keeps on bullying smaller ships, burning a frigate in her path
 The british team up to finish off surrounded ships
 Under the fire of three ships of the line Languedoc strikes
 The last action of the battle is te capture of a damaged french in a short boarding action
 Overview at the end of the battle: the french rear and center are badly mauled, while their van has gone a cruisin' for the whole battle
 The action has taken partin the center, with only three french keeping formation amongst the chaos

 Vanguard sailing around

The outcome: eight french lost for a single british, in points 25 to 4. D'Estaing is invited to Byron's chamber for dining, the battle has been bloody, but in the age of reason one must keep a good form
Great rejoicing grips the mainstream media

Tuesday 13 March 2018

The end is near!

 Next tin joining the warband are a group of flagellants, spouting apocalyptic platitudes they charge into battle paying no heed to their own safety!
 To diferentiate from the with hunters I painted them in blue and red

 This guy carries a bloodless head, a vampire or zombie most probably

 I had to repair the flail of this one with a bit from mantic

 Some closeups

Wonder why this guy is carrying an australopitecus skull around...