Thursday 28 May 2020

Siege stuff

 I've made some siege engines for an upcoming Minas Tirith game
 This siege tower is from warhammer fantasy, after several years it had lost the ramp and other bits and bobs which I had to replace
 There are some other ladders painted

 This siege tower is entirelly scratcbuilt

 Gondor trebuchet

 Orc catapult


Wednesday 27 May 2020

Battle of Alexandria

 The british have landed and march to kick the french out of Egypt
 The republicans open the ball by firing longe range shots
 Then the dragoons charge
 Wounding Abercrombie and pushing the infantry back
 The british riders charge too
 In the left flank both sides maintain a standoff
 Finally the dragoons rout the redcoats
 Crashing into the second line
 The british hussars, after bouncing from a french square, go for the artillery
 French and english clash in the left
 The dragoons countercharge the hussars in the flank
 And push them back
 Both units of cavalry have been mauled and retreat behind the infantry lines
 A final charge of the hussars sees them blown away by canister and musketry

 Last charge of the battle sees the british guns retiring behind the cavalry
Battle comes to an end with a french victory 2-0

Saturday 23 May 2020

Ian & Iulia

 Ian and Iulia are the two sons of baron Georgius, still young by the standards of imperial nobility they acoompany their father to war on smaller armiger suits. They are still learning the ropes of piloting a knight so they tend to be somewhat reckless during combat, moving ahead of the main line with the impetuosity of youth. Not yet full scions they carry the traditional badge of the novel knight of House Cervaria: a laurelled skull representing their vow to achieve glory or death in battle; indeed the only way of rising to knighthood is to perform a valiant feat or fulfill a task or a period of service set by their social betters.
 The tenents of honour integrated on the throne mechanicum have hit Iulia harder than most and she tends to favour engaging in glorious hand to hand combat instead of keeping the foe at range. Nicknamed "wyrmslayer" after felling a dread warp dragon on the fire wastes of Ancalagon VI she is a deeply idealistic warrior seeing her time in the knighthood as a holy task and her mount as a powerful steed to rid the galaxy of xenos, heretic and mutant.  She is also a kind soul, helping her fellow men wherever she can and showing little of the usual aloofness associated with her noble peers, she is also active in numerous charities, something almost unseen in a scion of such a powerful and rich house. Her armiger is named Venatrix Implacabilis.
 Termal lance to melt her foes with, I tried doing some heat effects on the muzzle for the first time
 The plasma reactor has the sigil of the mechanicum on it to keep the machine spirit pacified
 Her favoured weapon is a smaller version of the famed reaper chainsword

 Of course I had to model the interior, here we see Iulia in her combat gear pointing at the next victim of her ride. I tried a new technique for doing faces and like the desaturated finish
 I thought it would be cool if they had a joystick in the right hand to control the mecha if the manifold is ever damaged, wii: knight
 The control panel has a threat auspex together with an array of buttons
 Nigrina is the mount of Ian, the senior son of the baron he has been groomed from birth for when he will have to take his parents' place at the head of the family hive and its many businesses and production quotas; as such he is a far leveler head than his sister with a penchant for markets and a keen eye for profitable enterprises. He prefers a more controlled style of combat, mindful of his support units and his place in the global battle, hence he has made less spectacular kills than Iulia but has the thanks of the hiveguard for not leaving them behind to die. He views his turn of service in the household as nothing more than a step in his ascent to hive rule, trying to preserve his life while staying iside the boundaries of honour expected from any scion of Cervaria.

 His model is made from an old empire pistolier with a head from the newer plastic kit of the same and a dark eldar corsair arm

 Note that his auspex has the reverse position of his sibling in support of the big knight
Don't talk to me or my sons ever again!