Sunday 30 October 2022

Necrober: munitorum container


A botched job this time trying to do a yellow container. I don't like painting yellow, it's a hard colour to apply without the lower layers showing so you need to apply several clear base coats to do it right; I tried to skip this step by spraying the container but the paint was so transparent that I had to lay several coats eating away at the detail. The final result was less tan optimal, with too small rust patches here and there and spots without ink.

Saturday 29 October 2022

Tunisia: Hill 609


The final battle of our minicapaign takes place just outside of Tunisia, in a lone hill that guards the route to the capital. After beating the Axis in Kasserine the americans launch an all out attack 
Just a small garrison of germans faces the might of the USA
But soon the reinforcements of the Wehrmacht come into the field
The americans make a pincer attack on the hill while the germans shoot in all directions
First to fall is the fascist air spotter
Followed by the machine gun team in the hill

Some GIS charge valiantly the hill
But surprisingly are killed to a man despite outnumbering the garrison
A second wave of americans however wipes out the nazi soldiers and seizes the objective

The superior training and numbers of the USA forces win the day for the allies
A last ditch attempt to retake the hill is beaten back
And finally the last germans are wiped out and Africa is liberated

Sunday 23 October 2022

Necrober: Haemotrope reactor


Chipping away at the mass of scenery that I've purchased it is time now to sow you this curious piece that will be perfect for a plasma generatorum or a T junction of a fancy sort

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Necrober: relics


I've got the Necromunda itch after playing Hired Gun, and realizing that my scenery was woefully scarce for game sin the underhive I've been amassing quite a lot of it to populate the battlefields of the underhive. I also needed some relics for specific scenarios, and after a quick raid into the bits box I made three gang totems to fight over
The first is a redemptionist holy relic, according to the warriors of house Cawdor it's a sacred shield once wielded by one of the knights of the Emperor in the stars, but others thing that it's just a replica made from propaganda pict-captures

Next comes an escher icon, an opulent symbol of their houses's wealth made with offworld feathers, jewels and the daggers and eye that make up their symbol

Tho round the collection up I made a generic relic, the typically crude necromundan symbol of power from which hang the heads of the enemies of any gang, I took the chance to poke some fun at my escher archrivals by painting the elf head as one of their fighters

Some extra barrels are enver amiss

Sunday 16 October 2022

Kasserine pas


In the second installment of our Tunisia mini-campaign the nazis are on the offense attacking the american troops entrenched in Kasserine pass
The first fascists appear and take cover behind some sand bags

Some germans march trough open ground and start to receive enemy fire
The american reserves have also come into the battlefield, firing from behind rocks and redoubts
The air force also joins the battle strafing the axis soldiers
A perhaps overenthusiastic nazi officer rushes ahead of his troops
The german MG32 is silenced by the american machine gun team
The germans concentrate their efforts on the right, that starts to look rather ragged
The germans advance as best as they can
But the americans are heavily entrenched
Some GIs rush to reinforce the mauled right flank firing all the way
The air spotter and his mate snipe the german officer, more than making up their points back
The reinforcements are just in time to blunt the german attack
And with that time runs out and the battle ends in an american victory

Numidian cavalry

The two bases of Zvezda numidians were the last units needed to complete a carthaginian army for Basic Impetus, the were based with only three men to represent the open order they fought in
One of the units includes a rather regal fellow that could be the chief of the mercenary contingent, while the other has its numidians riding in circle while they launch a deadly volley of javelins on the romans

Gauls also featured heavily on Hannibal's army, and with a quick rebase plus some gold and green detailing these Italeri celts joined the ranks