Tuesday 30 April 2024

Imperial artillery


As the seat of the school of engineers, Altdorf produces the most advanced guns in all of the Empire. While Nuln may be known for its mass produced artillery pieces, any reiklander knows that the cannons from the capital are the most precise and reliable in the land. It is thanks to this that the city is always well equipped with artillery, and when its armies mach to war they do so heralded by the thundering boom of their heavy guns.
The models themselves are the old battlemasters imperial cannons with some extra crew from 6th edition and Gamezone (the engineer with telescope)
I painted the cannon in vallejo hull red and gunmetal plus gehenna gold, all inked up with washes
The uniforms for the crew are my usual recipe, with feather colours to distinguish the two teams. I like the white shirts more for the gunners, so I think that the ones from the mortar will get a repaint

Saturday 27 April 2024

Fight for the Progate temple


The final battle! With the separatists reduced to small pockets of resistance in the desert planet, Dooku and his apprentice make a last stand in the most sacred place of the geonosians: the temple of their queen Karina the Great
The scenario we rolled was linebreaker, so both sides rushed into the middle of the board to make a jump into the opposition's deployment zone
The left flank of the Republic is held by clones and an AT-RT, who wipe out a squad of B1s in two turns
Kenobi leds by example too, and his lightsaber slices into the AAT
The jedi is then set upon by Ventress, but manages to dodge all but one of her attacks
Anakin joins the fray in support of his beleguarded master
Next turn the jedi master attacks again the massive tank
That is finished by a rocket from a BARC bike
With the CIS on the back foot, Dooku meets the jedi in honorable combat, but the astute Kenobi uses his command cards to amass a wealth of doge tokens to evade his attacks

Ventress is no so lucky, and Anakin kills her without breaking sweat
One by one all the droid infantry is blasted apart
And when the game ends in turn four, the clones have invaded the enemy camp winning 3-0

Saturday 20 April 2024

The droid factory


Battle for the heart of Geonosis! After their successful landings on the red planet, the forces of the Republic are again on the offensive, assaulting the many factories that produce the numberless droid hordes of the separatist alliance
First into the fray are the ARC troopers, who open fire on Grievous before jumping back into cover
The AT-RT joins the blast fest taking some wounds off Dooku, who has advanced recklessly ahead of his droid cohorts
Kenobi dodges and then jumps into the midst of the seppie lines
Engaging Ventress in a duel that quickly goes wrong for the jedi
Meanwhile most of the clone have been targeting Dooku, who is one wound away from dying
Meanwhile on the right, Anakin goes up against a battered Grievous
All alone Kenobi falls to Tyranus' apprentice
But the sith lord falls in turn to ARC fire
And Anakin cuts the evil cyborg in half
This seals the game, with the clankers bereft of leadership and their units badly wounded

The Republic claims victory two objectives to none

Tuesday 16 April 2024

The eastgate garrison


Well trained and equipped by the rich burgers of Altdorf, the harquebusier regiments of the city are among the best missile troops of the Old World. In peacetime these soldiers take charge of the walls and gates of the imperial capital, and when the nation calls, they provide a lethal curtain of fire that mows down the invaders and foul creatures that threaten the Empire
These 6th edition models hold a special place in my heart, being the first wargaming minis that I owned after my dad bought me the starter box back in 2000. Back then I painted them in a weird grey-red scheme, but after so many years it's good to be able to do these Perry sculpts some justice
The unit is led by a marksman equipped with a Hochland long rifle, a quite simple conversion made by trimming off the cannon and replacing it with a rod of the artillery crew, the telescopic sight came from one of the primaris marines
Painting was done as usual with a drybrush of red/blue followed by detailing and inks

After assembling the main ten man unit I had four spare harquebuisers that I organized into a small detachment for the spearmen , giving them the same feathers to keep some uniformity

Friday 12 April 2024

Hoch und Burgmeister regiment


One of the oldest and most celebrated spearmen regiments from the city-state of Altdorf, the Hoch und Burgmeister is raised by the state to serve in the protection of the Empire and its capital, often serving on the Emperor's expeditions abroad. Throughout its history the unit has fought in the vampire and chaos wars, participating in the defeat of Archaon during the siege of Middenheim and covering themselves in glory in many lesser conflicts.
As befits a regiment funded by this rich merchant city, the regiment wears a splendid uniform made from the finest thread and richly decorated with weathers and gold embossery
Many are those who volunteer for service in such an august unit, but the city council only chooses the best of the best, forming an elite unit than in peace time serves as the burgmeister's palace guard
The banner was hand painted, drawing first the outline of the lion and then filling the shape up. I wasn't sold on the ink stains on the gold so I've repainted them over.
To paint them i used my old Altdorf recipe of painting first the red and blue areas before drybrushing them with a clearer colour. Then I painted all the non metallic ares with gold and steel left for last. Several localized ink washes were the final touch.

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Landing at Point Rain


After beating the separatists in space the clones invade Geonosis, coming under a heavy barrage that forces them to make an emergency landing. It is one of these groups, led by Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, that faces the massed ranks of the droid army in desperate battle
The jedi seize the initiative
And send the BARC speeder forwards to open fire on the AAT and Ventress
While on the left the clones concentrate fire on count Dooku
Kenobi races to meet the renegade jedi master

And both start a tense duel in the middle of the battlefield
Battle progresses, and more droids show up on the Republic rear
The GAR is not without reinforcements of their own, ARC troopers flying into the fray and totaling a B1 battledroid squad
Only to be wiped out by Ventress on the next activation
Just Echo left to keep on with the fight
Another wave of clankers comes into view
Engaging in a lively firefight with clones in cover
Battle rages over the desert with losses in both sides
But in the end is the Republic who claims victory at the end of turn 4, two objectives to one