Wednesday 24 July 2019

Signus: the Cathedral of the Mark

 Last battle in the campaign is the Blood Angels's assault on the chaos seat of power, the blasphemous structure where the daemon kings of the planed dwell
 Sanguinius and his dwanbreakers led the assault
 Daemons begin to spill from the warp, firing volleys of spines from their bodies

 Some dawnbreakers are lost to shooting
 Battle is joined!
 Sangy charges the daemon lord
 Beginning  a gruelling combat
 The buffed up nullificator and his bodyguard make short work of some lesser daemons
 More lessers pop up
 Followed by bloodletters
 Another unit of flying neverborn pours spines into the foe
 Sanguinius just can't kill his foe and is even wounded
 To add insult to injury some termis are downed by overwatch
 Finally the beast falls to the spear of Telesto
 Al across the battlefield daemon and angel fight it out

 The dawnbreakers destroy the possessed chaff
 While the Great Angel comes to the rescue of his sons
 A unit of termis is killed to a man
 But after destroying two swarms of neverborn nullificator&co are ready to secure the flank
 Battle comes to an end with the IXth legion in possession of the enemy deployment zone, giving overall victory in the campaign to the loyalists. Signus has been purged and Sanguinus can continue his path to Terra leading to the final confrontation with the traitor Horus.

 Whenever the Angel treads daemons fall

Tuesday 23 July 2019

The Ashville Crusade

 Blessed Klovis, of glorious memory, led us on a holy crusade to cleanse the settlement of Ashville from Heretics and Mutants. Coming out from a burning brothel, having performed his holy work there, he was assaulted by the most vile and miscreant scavies!
 Cowardly as they where, the deviants hid their shame in the shadows
 Such a carnival of mutants and sinners! Truly they where in need of Redemption

 Knowing his true value, our Messiah led us from the cover of a bulkhead
 Faithful brother Deza charged valiantly against the foe
 Two of the faithful adavanced against a most mostruous warlock
 Proving somewhat lacking in courage (they were tortured by Klovis afterwards)
 With a hymn of fury in his lips, Deza smote down a blasphemous mutant
 However he was felled by a repugnant scalie
 More zombies kept dragging their feet trough the battlefield
 The craven deviant hid after his fell deed
 The zombie was cleansed from his sins by one of our brothers
 Our hearts rejoiced at the coming of our reinforcements. Klovis' plan was then revealed: he had sacrificed himself as bait in order to lure the mutants from their inmund lair!
 He suffered a telling blow valiantly rallying our shaky forces
 The arch-sinner now faced the wrath of our crusade alone
 He dodged the rightful fury of our guns
 And then had the effrontery of killing one of our own
 Klovis made a tactical withdrawal as the heretical leader was finally brought down
 Finally Klovis himseld gave the killing blow to he last of the repugnant twists
 And there was great  rejoicing at the victory of our holy Messiah!
 Envious of his success, the local enforcers of sin moved into the town looking after Him, but always quick to strike he led us on a holy charge against their den of damantion
 An hipocritical "judge" led the defence, lacking in both righteousness and numbers
 As our brothers were wounded left and right Klovis advanced relentlessy into the foe
 Some of our brothers grabbed the ill gained riches of the blasphemers to turn them to a holier, purer purpouse serving our holy church
 As fire rained from above our valiant crusaders began climbing the tower
 The purifying flame of redemption soon made short work of those diabolic thugs
 More traitors to the Emperor showed up, but too late to save their comrades from a just punishment
 The heretical judge was given the due for his many sins
 Looking down on the scum Klovis showered them with holy fire from his Sword of Redemption
 A blasphemous mechanical contraption dared charge the Redeemer, but he cut it to pieces like the hand of the Emperor Himself
After such glorious victories, Klovis led us onto further conquests and purgings to spread the word of the Redemption onto the unbeliever, the sinner and all those lacking in faith