Tuesday 28 January 2014

The duke of Wellington's army

Full britsh armyincluding five units of infantry, five wound markers, two cavalry units (one light the other heavy), two sharpshooter bases, a britshbattery of five guns and a rocket launcher and three generals.

Vitoria 1813

Recreation of the battle fought at Vitoria in 1813, wich saw the french thrown out of Spain.
The french  have the center, with their positions protected by the Zadorra river, the british atack from two directions, from the left come the divisions of general Graham, and from the front, the combined force of Wellington and Picton.

After some complaints from the french players due to them being alwas in numerical inferiority because the real forces in the battle it was decided that from now on the two sides will have the same strenght, sacrificing historical accuracy for more playability. 
 The british center
 Graham's force, scots greys in the right
 Vision of the french positions

 First blood goes to one of Graham's divisions wich suffers two wounds under the french barrage
Scots greys and infantry move to cross the Zadorra in the french right 

the british advance their guns and start firing 
 Graham's division continues to suffer without moving an inch
 and is finally destroyed
 But the british start to inflict damage upon the infantry across the river
 The british light dragoons charge crossing the Zadorra, but are met by french squares
 The scots greys also charge
 and a division moves in support of the light dragoons

 the french cannons inflict a wound in one of the british batteries

 The scots greys storm across the bridge breaking it's cheavuxleger defenders and capturing their colour!
 the squares throw back the light dragoons
 but the french battery is silenced by concentrated british fire
 wich also causes a wound in the square
 the scots are loose in the french rearguard and blocking the scape route to France
but the imperial dragoons are coming to save the day 
 another charge against the squares
 the french divisions surround the scots
 a french division keeps ready in line behind the squares
 another unsurprising repulse

 a british division is crossing the Zadorra to help the scots but it's already too late
 meanwhile, the scottish division has started to move in the british far right
 helped by the artillery who softens their target

 the scots are routed and the chevauxleger colors recaptured
 the scots move uphill under a storm of bullets
 british infantry charge and break the squares 
 the artillery continues to pound the french in the hill
 in the rearguard, the british charge against french divisions
 while the infantry in the center fights at bayonet point
 more british crossing to reinforce their attack at the center
 the british in the rearguard are countercharged by the french dragoons
 the light draggons charge in suport of their infantry
 and the scots continue climbing
 the last british forces in the rearguard are destroyed and lose their colours

 the dices doing weird things upon the grass board
 the hand to hand in the center continues, with the valiant french destroying the light draggons

 the british move a battery across the river comitting the remnants of their force now that the attack in the rear has failed

 hand to hand in the hill
 a battery is destroyed by musket fire
 and the british division in hte center finally routs under too much pressure
 the panic generalises as the scots also abandon their attak on the hill
 the last division, led by Wellington himself attacks stubbornly the center, but is flanked by frenchmen that have came out of the village
 the forces in the french rear are moving rapidly towards the vanguard carrying their wounded generals with them

 Wellington leads heroicly, and the french central division is routed
 but at the cost of himself being wounded
 the french dragoons finally come within sabre's reach and charge the flank of the division

 the last british infantry unit collapses under the assault of two full french divisions losings their colours and Wellinton, who is captured by the french

 the remaining british battery defends itself against the french horsemen
 who are repulsed against all probablities
 and finally heroically routed by the british crews!
 but their fate is sealed when a fresh division charges their flank

 and finally destroys the last british force on the field
Britsh losses, thy name'll be remembered!