Thursday 25 June 2020

Miquelets de Girona

 Militia from the defence of Girona

Minas Tirith

 Final battle in the White City, the orcs invade the city while Rohan arrives too late to stop them
 In the right the gondor knights are surrounded and neutralized
 This combat would drag on for most of the game since the dice were always tied
 In the center  a line of bowmen kept the orcs at bay for a while
 Until a troll barged in and broke their lines
 In the left combat was pretty much balanced but the orcs had a decisive edge in numbers that would tell

Reliable to the end the troll killed enough men to break their morale, winning the game for Sauron's forces
what can men do against such reckless hate?

Tuesday 23 June 2020


 More lockdown models, this time a veritable horde of spanish infantry beginning by the irish regiment of Ultonia

 Command bases

Lucius reaver

 Sol Invictus is the engine of princeps Martin, an steadfast and rigorous commander, he often takes charge of a pack of smaller warhounds, tempering their natural recklessness with his methodical command, using them to surround and harry the foe until he delivers the killing blow

 Venator maniple Invictus
 A destroyed reaver to use as objective or scenery
 Bonus: Astorum banners

Kill banner

Monday 22 June 2020

Tallarn map

For the next titanicus campaign
Both sides move simultaneously, they can attack one territory per turn which cntact one already controlled by them. The players write down the destination before showing it up. If the location is neutral no battle happens and the attacker claims it, otherwise play a game and the territory goes to the winner. Each player begins in a primary shelter. If one player loses all his territories he can attack any in the map except a primary shelter during his turn.

Primary shelters give  +2 stratagem point bonus and secondary +1.
Victory points: Primary shelter 3, secondary 2, wastes 1.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Siege of Minas Tirith

 With the Rammas surpassed the host of evil assaults the White City
 First over the walls is the Witch King that attacks the trebuchet crew
 The siege towers reach the wall and the easterlings invade the walkway
 Old fool, don't you know death when you see it?
 The trolls and Grond reach the gate
 Swan knights and fiefmen rally to the defence
 Both wizard and nâzgul fight it out, with Gandalf coming off worse due to the spells of the spectre
 Finally the catapult destroys the gate, pouring orcs and trolls into the Tower of Vigilance
 The nâzgul is shamefully defeated by mere fiefmen
 The defences are breached, fall back to the second level!
Finally a catapult rock smashes into Gandalf, winning the game in almost the last turn