Sunday 29 November 2020



Got my first game of 9th edition the other day, a simple 50pl bash, pitting the ghastly World Eaters against the glorious knight of Cervaria
Baddies got fitst turn, nuking an armiger with the fellblade
Next turn my lancer slams into the badly damaged tank, leaving it with only 3 wounds remaining
The remaining armiger performs apallingly bad versus the surviving predator
The fellblade falls back while the marines prepare to charge
Shooting takes out most wounds from the towering knight, but it has enough strength left to step gingerly on the poor enemy warlord, that is crushed to a paste
In my second turn, the rest of the foes is wiped out, the crusader blows up the fellblade, and the armigar finishes off the predator

All in all 9th seems to be the edition of tanks and vehicles

Friday 27 November 2020

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Marching through Florida


 After being repulsed from Jaksonville, the confederation pulled back to the outskirts. Thanks to the new reinforcements recently disembarked, the union goes back on the offensive, launching plundering raids into the southern plantations

 Northern guns open the ball
 Answered by a devastating confederate fire
 That sends the bluebellies packing
The yankees open fire, while two units go for the leftmost farm
Protected by a forest, the grey line answers volley by volley
The rebel reinforcements show up behind the federals, firing on their tyrannical backs
And destroying two units
Quick to answer, the union right turns inwards and anihilates the greycoats
 That run away
More confederate reinforcements appear, charging into the fray
The combat is tied up, but the greater rebel numbers will soon start to tell
In the farm, billy yank has stolen the first plunder of the day
A lone invader is gunned down
Unwilling to let good virginian tobacco go, the confederates recapture the loot and rout the linconites
The lone union survior runs for his life
Cute loot markers painted for the day

Venator flagship


 The Resolute was Anakin Skywalker's flagship during most of the Clone Wars. It served in such illustrious battles as Christophsis, Geonosis and Kamino, being destroyed by the sith assassin Assaj Ventress during the battle of Sullust.

Flagships are easily recognized by their red bridges

The circles look much better now. I did them by painting first a the red and then the yellow

Thursday 19 November 2020

Night attack on the Truman line


After their sucess at the crossroads, the rebs launch an all out assault on Jacksonville. Wary of the enmy firepower they decide to go for a night attack

The formidable Truman line guards the approaches to the city, guns at the ready 


Tenting tonight: most of the yankees are asleep, and will only wake up if the sentries sound the alarm 

The confederates approach stealthily in the dead of night

The sentries walk about the perimeter, but they don't see anything amiss

One of them is even silently dispatched

Wait, what's that?

Johnny reb is here, sound the alarm!

A crashing southern volley anihilates the left union gun

The northern forces wake up and begin to stream from their tents
The other federal cannon opens up on the enemy

Under fire, some confederates break and fall back

Now the entire federal line opens up a terrific fire

Wich is answered in kind by the enemy

Undaunted by massive losses, the southerners launch a rebel yell and charge the redoubts
Scattered fire ravages the federal right flank
A second unit attacks the central redoubt
Contesting the objective
As the confederate colonel seizes an objective, battle ends. With one point apiece and the central redoubt being fought over the assault ends in a draw.