Wednesday 29 August 2018

Necromunda terrain 2

 The second batch of scenery: a sawmill, power transformer and the chapel of the holy cog (yes, I can hear you sniggering)
 The sawmill is made from the knight chainsword, drop pod bits, executioner russ turret and clockwork cogs, the cutting supports are drop pod sides from the doors and russ sponson flamers
 cliché yet effective decals

 Warning decals: radiation (left), high voltage (right)
 The power processor is made from drop pod spares and a shield generator from the battle for Macragge starter set. Again the transfers warn the user about electric discharges

 And finally the chapel of the holy cog! The Mechanicus is full of pants on head rituals, so the machinery couldn't be complete without a fane to the Omnissiah in his aspect as the ever rotating cog. I'm sure this contraption has some essencial function only understood by the adepts of the machine god. In this face there is a devotional altar where the faithful deposit offerings, unlike the more mundane ones of the Ministorum (like candles or donations) these take the shape of lengths of cabling, plates and machinery pieces. A release funnel crowns the piece with a strategicly placed halo-like cable.  There is a binary prayer on the left and some specifications on the right.
 Of course the chapel needed some clockwork gears
 Behind there is the control panel with warnings of the high voltage
 Moar cogs!

01101000 01101111 01110000 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101100 01101001 01101011 01100101 00100001

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Necromundan generatorum

 I've made some terrain for an upcoming campaign, there are two plasma generators, one storage silo, an underground hatch and a cogitator. They will be used as scatter or zone mortalis scenery
 The silo was the easiest of the five to make, just a painted up tomato can with decals and weathering

 The hatch is a Necromundan essential being a destroyable objective since the dawn of time, it's made from drop pod inner door plates and an extra bit to provide open-close buttons

 The plasma generators are made fro drop pod bits and leman russ executioner cannon
 I drybrushed some glowing effect around the plasma radiators, quite happy with the result

 Warning markings: power generation (top), radiation (bottom)
 Of course any generatorium needs a control lectern: this cogitator has been made in mars and includes assorted drop pod bits and a bundle of cables from a guard lascannon. There seems to be some overheating problem on screen, please apply sacred oils and recite prayer number 10010010

 Behind the keyboard-screen block there is a sort of computer tower
 Cooling fans and electricity warning
 bip bip bip
Most of the terrain can be used for Titanicus too

Saturday 25 August 2018

Mortis refit

 There have been radical changes to warlord titans in the new rules of Adeptus Titanicus: many weapons have been eliminated. such as the warp missiles, and those that remained must come now in pairs. It was time to adapt the Mortis engines to the new meta, one got a stubber/gatling in place of the warp missile wile the other ditched them altogether for two vulcan megabolters. Both carapace setups will do nothing against armor, but can strip shields easily. I've also given them highlights in the red and black areas and a much needed inking in the gold.

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Orcs vs lizardmen

 Welcome to another match of everyone's favourite family entertainment: Blood Bowl!
 Today's match will see the orcs of Skarsnik's Boyz face off Pinxapinyes's lizardmen
 The lizards have the ball and move forwards
 An opening is made by the right

 The skinks pierce the line and pile in around the ball
 Kerrunch! down goes the ballcarrier
 A quick recover, and the ball is back on pinxapinyes hands
 The skink dodges the defence and scores!
 The orcs are back in the game and slip through the left
 The ballcarrier goes crowd surfing but his team catches the ball in extemis!
 A lineman sneaks trough with the ball and makes a wild pass that goes off
 The lizards rush to seize the ball but its too late!
 Welcome to the second half, the orcs make a move by the right, a thrower grabs the ball and makes an accurate pass from the midfield, we almost thought that we were seeing an elven team!
 A lone skink tries to intercept the ballcarrier
 The blitzer pushes aside the lizard contemptously and scores the second touchdown!
 The lizards have the ball again, but a veritable scrum has erupted for its posession
 One of the black orcs takes possession and launches a hail mary pass into the endline
Pouferradina's players rush impotently to retake the ball but it's too late! A blitzer grabs it and scores the third TOUCHDOWN. That brings the game to and end.

Both humans and orcs have tied up towards the grand finale but since the orcs have greater goal average thay pass, so the cup final will be orcs vs goblins, quite a greenskin match!