Saturday 19 February 2022

Mature Ahsoka


Ahsoka showed up again in the Boba Fett series so I decided to start the original trilogy star wars project with her. Since her mandalorian outfit is more contemporary with Luke and co than the Rebels suit I went with that rendition for the galaxy's best girl. 
Since she is mostly black samuraiesque dress painting was pretty quick

The coming of the Crusader


After some further turns of manoeuvring another naval battle erupts over the penal world of Vorga Torq
The massive Eternal Crusader has arrived to bring the Templars to victory
The battle begins with all imperial vessels firing on the Planet Killer
Lowering her shields, and almost crippling the heretic vessel with a single salvo
Next turn both flagships come side to side, while in the background the smaller templar ships engage a devastation class cruiser
After weathering two turns of lethal fire it is a massive wave of thunderhawks that finishes off the world anihilator
Leaving her a burning hulk
With that battle comes to an end
And the templars claim orbit over the embattled world

Sunday 13 February 2022

Gloriana Battleship


The Eternal Crusader is the mobile chapter monastery of the Black Templars. A venerable relic of the Imperium's earliest days, this Gloriana class vessel houses the chapter's most holy relics such as the banner of Captain Navarre, the helm of castellan Adamus and the tomb of  Sigismund. It is also the personal warship of the high marshal, from where he directs the crusades of wrath that cleanse the galaxy in the Emperor's name.
More than 20km long, the Crusader is festooned with weapon batteries, lance turrets and torpedo tubes
The holiest part of the ship is the massive Temple of Dorn behind the bridge, a kilometres long cathedral were the Templars celebrate their greatest victories and make penance for the bitterest defeats. It is there also that new leaders of the chapter like reclusiarch Grimaldus are invested
One of the few Glorianas still in the Imperium's service, the Crusader brings death and damnation on all the spaceborne foes of the Master of Mankind

Edit: the gloriana has 5+ armour
Relic space marine vessel: you can include legendary ships in a chaos or space marine fleet but limited to only one of every type for each 1000pts of your navy. Imperial fleets can include a 0-1 gloriana following the limitations of battleships, doesn't have space marine rules and costs 610pts.
Phalanx, tribune class: only space marine fleet. Abyss class: only chaos.

Saturday 12 February 2022

The scouring of Deimos


After defeating the fleet orbiting the forgeworld of Deimos the knights of Dorn launch a massive assault on the planet, clashing with masses of cultists and two heretic warbands
The Hemidel crusade assembled in full
-Marshal Gheidon
-5x assault terminators
-Emperor's Champion
-Chaplian Grimaldus

-Devastator squad Pious
-Devastator squad Puritas
-Devastator squad Ignis
-Intercessor squad Baldouin
-Crusader squad Bohemond
-Ancient Tankred
Hordes of cultists form the bulk of the chaos force, but soon fall to the massed marine firepower
Safely hidden in a corner the heretics score several victory points
Gatling and laser cannons pummel the blasphemous foe
Suddenly a drop pod crases into the battlefield, disgorging a zealous crusader squad led by the Emperor's Champion himself
A bloody combat erupts in the ruins, and when the dust settles all the bersekers and most of the havocs have fallen to templar blades
Next turn Kharn and the Chaos Lord proceed to wipe out most of the crusader squad
While the chaos sorcerer and his buddies teleport into a crater
The Betrayer engages the Champion, but his fury is no match for the blademaster and is swiftly killed by the Emperor's chosen (again)
Marshal Gheidon and his sword brethern then show up
Then the dreadnought explodes, taking out most of the units within the ruin
Gheidon smushes some poor cultists
While the Champion slays the chaos lord
After such a holy slaughter of traitors the battle is won, praise be to the Emperor!
Having taken the forgeworld the Templars steel themselves for the inevitable heretic counterattack

Khorne bersekers


The second installment of  chaos filth heretic astartes is a bunch of world eaters led by none other than Kharn himself. Again these models were lent by my good friend Albert, and some have been waiting a paintjob for 20 years or more
Kharn is a really detailed mini that has stood the test of time well

Not so these monopose bersekers, hailing from the nebulous times of 2nd edition

Sunday 6 February 2022

Alpha legion


The Black Templars needed some baddies to square up against and luckily for mye a good friend has lent me part of his chaos marines to form the bulk of the army.
The first batch of heretics is an Alpha legion warband led by two chaos lords

Then we have a squad of terminators

Followed by some scrounged up havocs
And a heavily converted dreadnought