Tuesday 30 May 2023

The battle of Sarlax

And so we come to the end of the Agripina A campaign. Bereft of fleet the chaos hordes are stranded in the agriworld of Sarlax, and soon the Adeptus Custodes land to wipe them out
Based on a grain silo the golden legion starts an aggressive drive for the objectives
Seizing several of them under a heavy fire that kills some praetorians

In the chaos second turn all their reserves land

Opening a devastating fire that destroys a guardian and sagittarum squads
The imperials soon get their payback when the second golden wave hits the table

First to fall is an armiger knight
Followed by the massive Vextrix warlord
The custodians then get stuck in, and to what they know best
Annihilating all the khorne berzekers
The chaos lords try to stem the tide charging back
But one of them falls to the blade champion

Khârn proves one more his worth killing a shield captain in one go
But is then blown away by the custodian bolters using the salvus ka'tah
In the third turn the golden host wipes out most of the remaining heretics
Slaughtering units left and right

In the end only the chaos lord, the dreadclaw and a lone cultist remain, bagging the Imperium an easy win 50-8

Monday 29 May 2023

The mandalorian

As most Star Wars fans I've thoroughly enjoyed the mandalorian series, and given that the main character now has rules for SW Legion I got a 3D print to join my rebel army
I'm always amazed at how quick do these models paint, without all the clutter of GW Mando was done in just a two and a half hours
He comes with full gear: amban rifle, jetpack and the darksaber probably hidden under his cloak

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Goliath reinforcements


My goliath gang was a bit low on bodies, so I've decided to add some more knuckleheads to the gym squad. Instead of forking out tons of cash for another gang I went for a cheap and suitable alternative, namely the age of sigmar bloodreavers, a bunch of violent thugs not too different from house goliath
The four fighters above are the cheapest of the bunch, juves armed with stub gun and either a brutal club or a massive axe. Being vatgrown clones all members of Shiv's Crushers begin with a serial number instead of a name, earning one only after proving their worth in combat

Then come the more well equipped members of the gang, a selection of bullies wielding hand flamers and more close quarters weaponry

Finally we have two ranged gangers, a bully armed wit boltgun and a fearsome champion wielding a lethal multimelta

Wednesday 17 May 2023

The Radwagon


"It's better to die in hell than live in Hive Primus" Necromunda helltrekker

With he increase of gangs in our local campaign I needed another heavy transport to carry the fight to the Ash Wastes, and I repurposed an old toy german tank I had lying around into a necromundan heavy vehicle, armed with lascannons, heavy bolters and smoke launchers
Paintjob was pretty quick: just a layer of brown followed with a lighter cream drybrush and sponge weathering. 
The transport compartment in the back can carry up to ten gangers

Monday 15 May 2023

The Templar's judgement

After almost two months of gaming the Agripina A campaign is coming to a close. The chaos hordes have been cornered at the agriworld of Sarlax, and the Black Templars bring their crusade fleet to give the deathblow to the last traitor holdout
The battlebarge Light of Purity leds the invasion, launching boarding torpedoes and thunderhawks
On the other side of the System three strike cruisers face off against the might of the Planet Killer
The traitors use the first turn to turn 90º towards the imperials
While the Templars close distance with the loathed foe
In the void of space squadrons of both fleets dogfight ahead of their mother vessels
A struggle that goes in favor of the crusaders of Dorn, who proceed to cleanse the enemy cruisers with bolter and chainsword, causing several criticals
The Light of Purity joins the onslaught opening fire at extreme range
The Planet Killer meanwhile avoids almost all damage thanks to her impressive turret array
Under heavy bombardment and with Templars in her belly a chaos devastation is crippled
The strike cruisers turn over Sarlax to keep out of range of the Armageddon gun
But the chaos behemoth wirhstands their puny fire
In a futile attempt to escape the chaos cruiser enters the gas nebula, but is cut down by the battlebarge

After firing the Armageddon gun at the Light of Purity, the Planet Killer loses all weapons to several waves of thunderhawk gunships
Time has run out, and with a chaos ship lost for a crippled strike cruiser the Imperium achieves victory in the Sarlax system. Keep in touch for the gran finale of the campaign where the imperials will land to purge the agriworld of heretics