Thursday 31 October 2019

Spawn of the dead

 Blessed be the Emperor, source and parangon of all light, in His name I'll tell another chapter of the life of the holy Redeemer hammer of heretics, scrouge of deviants and exemplar of crusaders. 
From Hive Primus he led us, on an epic pilgrimage through the Great Ash Road to bring the light of the blessed Redemption unto the undeserving sinners of the Black Harbour. The most wise prince Ignatius from the hallowed house of Hewlmar offered us his support. He had been suffering of a troubled mind ever since wiping out his brothers and sister upon his ascension to the throne but Klovis put his guilt at ease, assuring him that they had been a coven of degenerate heretics unfit to wear the crown of one of the most puissant hives of Necromunda.
 Karlon Voss, one of the blasphemous get of  Karloth Valois had been terrorising the lower levels of the city, and the Redeemer offered to purge the Underhive of his evil
 With help from local bounty hunters the crusade mobilized to attack the mutant hideout
 The sorcerer had the effrontery of occupying the local corpse guild, using it as a facade to hide the most heinous acts of nigromancy and witchcraft
 Alas, the squatter eschers also had spread their fetid venom all over the place so they came to claim the head of the arch heretic for themselves, probably to hid their implicit compact with all forms of sin and damnation behind a masquerade of false lawfulness
 Materialist as they where the hags had thrown their lot with the miserly guild of coin
 Our far more spiritual allies of the promethium guild soon proved their worth by cleansing two zombies with their blessed flames, truly is fire the weapon of the faithful!
 Terrified by the onrushing horde of undead, our enemies manged to kill some
 The vixens hid behind machinery, sniping feebly
 I led my brethren in glorious charge against the plague zombies
 Their futile attemps where soon brought to naught as the undead creatures crashed into their ranks

 Lacking the stomach to fire on the swirling melee, the sinners charged in an impotent attempt to save their already doomed companion
 Klovis and I attacked the closest zombie, ripping it appart in holy slaughter
 To my left one of our novices proved his worth by finishing off another of the gruesome creatures
 One of the eschers not only was felled by the rotting mutants but also was infected by their poison, rising up and joining the hordes of hell. Truly a sign that their inner corruption will always seep out and show on their, sinful, scantily clad bodies!
 The brave Caspar put and end to the heresy by stabbing the foul form of the heretic Voss
 Klovis joined his faithful servant on the vanguard, spreading the holy flame of the Sword of Persecution amongst the heretics
 The few scattered shots that answered him were not enough to test his fiery zeal, and having witnessed the power and majesty of his sacred onslaught, the harridans retreated from the field
In his wisdom Klovis decided to put the Corpse Guild under his personal purview, so no further heresy would flourish in the sacred ground destined to the martyrs of the Imperium

Sunday 27 October 2019

Braaains braaains

I've rebased some spooky plague zombies for a Necromunda halloween game, they were also given a much needed wash with vallejo sepia for that extra grim-darkness

 My favourite of the bunch
Particularly gruesome guy losing his guts as he walks along

World Eaters armour

 My angry boys were sorely lacking in the firepower department so I repurposed some tanks to give them a bit more oomph. The old Sarum pattern Baneblade "Gloria" takes to the field escorted by two predator executioners. I tried my hand at a gritty, battered look, the XII legion has never cared much for appearances after all!
 Dollar store tiger with demolisher cannon and heavy bolters added

 The armoured IXth "Reaper" batallion is infamous for the uncompromising character of its offensives, relishing the collateral casualties it causes
 Panzer ist das beste!
 Those who have been following this blog for a looong time will remember this guys when they were Iron Hands, they have recieved a new coat of paint plus new stormraven plasma cannons
 The XIIth legion numeral is displayed proudly on the front
 The companies in the batallion are identified by scythe colours

Thursday 24 October 2019

Battle of mount Ararat

 Bagration attacks the great vizier in Armenia
 The russian masses advance steadily

 And soon the sipahi are routed by cuirassiers

 The guns open a deadly fire on the village
 However an infantry unit is routed by enemy fire
 The cuirassiers keep on with their stellar charge, destroying the enemy artillery
 And wounding the ottoman general
 Out of the swamp the russians advance on the enemy
 The now empty village is soon overtaken
In the left flank a lengthy melee ends favourably for the russians
A costly victory! Bagration is killed heading the charge
 The cuirassiers kill yet another unit
 After routing the hussars the kapikulu charge the grenadiers, and are pushed back
 Repositioned guns destroy yet another ottoman unit
However time has run out and the steadfast turks repulse the orthodox invasion
 After having played the agreed number of games we have concluded the campaign here, the allies have won by quite a margin and are well placed to menace the capitals of the napoleonic empire.