Tuesday 29 March 2022

Adriana Ulanti


One of those eccentric nobles of the spire with a penchant for Underhive life, Adriana has served as ambassador for her house many times, establishing alliances, deals and contrats with the diferent clans of savage barbarians that live benetah the Wall. 
Most of her dealings have been with the eschers, and over the years she has adopted some of their customs such as wearing her hair in an outlandish crest or having a cute pyrr cat as a pet. 
Despite losing her left arm in a goliath ambush, she had it replaced with a gilded prosthetic, and still ventures beyond Hive City to experience the thrill and freedom enjoyed by the lower classes
Her pyrr cat Amelia has accompanied her in many an adventure, and remains her longest living companion to date
Designed to dazzle the underhivers, her magnificent gown is worth more than most of them will make in their lives. The fact that it's only one of the hundreds available to her is proof of the abysmal social differences that characterise life in a world as dystopic as Necromunda.

While she still prefers to deal primarily with house Escher, the interests of her noble family come first, and Adriana won't doubt a second before aligning herself with the strongest gang around
In game she can be used as a Ulanti courtier with a mirror mask bodyguard
Or pull some strings and led a delegation of one her house's many associates in the guild of coin

The warmaster's last breath


Demoralized by the constant string of defeats, the forces of chaos launch a last attack on the vital forgeworld of Deimos, trying to destroy it with cyclonic torpedoes in a last act of spite before accepting defeat and retreating back to the Eye of Terror
Luckily for the Mechanicus, Helbrecht has just arrived from Voga Torc at the helm of the Crusader
As the heretic vessels move towards their target, more and more templar vessels exit the warp launching a desperate counterattack on them
While the heretic admiral rubs his hands malevolently, the chaos cruisers make full speed towards the forgeworld
The thunderhawks make short work of the chaos craft and keep going towards the ships of the line
The cruiser carrying the cyclonic torpedoes is disabled
While the World Eaters strike cruiser is burnt to a crisp by the surging templars
The Crusader turns ponderously, opening up with her massive batteries

All the marine fleet has arrived by now, and the small strike vessels move behind the chaos fleet
One of the devastations is blown up by the Gloriana
Wrecking all the vessels around her
The last vessel carrying torpedoes, a Repulsive grand cruiser, makes a rush for the planet
But soon a veritable tide of Black Templars sweep her decks
Leaving her defenceless before the inevitable imperial onslaught, that destroys the chaos flagship putting an end to the battle
And just like that the campaign is over, time for some Napoleonics now

Sunday 20 March 2022

The ruins of Primary Hive


The Black Templars land on the bombed out hives, and scrouge the chaos taint from the world
Alpha Legion and World Eaters bulk up the heretic ranks
While Helbrecht and his Sword Brethren lead the sons of Dorn
First into the fray is a crusader squad and the Emperor's Champion
That jump from a drop pod straight into the foe
Helbrecht and Grimaldus lag a bit behind
Alone, the champion defies contemptously the foe
The the chaos terminators teleport into one objective, only to be charged by the victorious crusaders
A squad of bersekers is utterly slaughtered by the champion
The termis evaporate before the sword broter's relic blade

The crusaders then pile up and kill the enemy sorceror
Then Kharn and some cultists charge 
Leaving only the sword brother to fend for himself
Fear not, Helbrecht and his guard come to the rescue and rout the chaos filth
While the Champion takes down the enemy lord tabling the heretic scum

Crusader squad


With this unit of close quarter templars the army is now complete, they have been extensively converted with swords and plenty of pious bits like parchments, lanterns and the like

Saturday 12 March 2022

The death of Belisar


Exterminatus! The day has come to bring the Emperor's wrath on the traitors, as the battlebarge Light of Purity heads for the hiveworld of Belisar, the heretic population must put their misplaced faith on the chaos fleet. If the Templars reach the world they will destroy all life with virus bombs.
A hulk and two cruisers hang on Belisar's orbit
The Imperium's vengeful fleet
Before the vessels come to grips, the attack craft of both sides dogfights in the middle
A lone fireship is destroyed by a wave of thunderhawks
The templars move around the chaos line, opening up with their macrocannons
As a devastation drifts aflame, the strike cruisers engage the enemy
Concentrated firepower from these small vessels hulks the second cruiser
Finally the battlebarge reaches orbit and unleashes her deadly payload