Wednesday 24 January 2018


 In the underhive the name Cyborgette is a byword for discreet and quick captures without questions asked. Some point to the quality of her gear and say that she clearly comes from uphive, others will tell you that she got it thanks to always getting the job done

 The bounty huntress carries a sign with the latest bounties, price and name, in case anyone gets interested in claiming the reward. She appears to be saying: 100 creds to the one who gets that guy
 Like all bounty hunters she is festooned with gear. Remids me a scene in a webcomic:
Inquisitor: how many arms do you have?
Bounty hunter: two my lord
I: and how many weapons do you carry?
B: four my lord
I: don't you see a problem there?
B: What do you mean?
I'm specially proud of the bionic leg

Friday 19 January 2018

The Wasteland Crusade: Episode 4, Convoy Raid!

 I beseech the Emperor's inpiration as I keep on with the retelling of Klovis's deeds in the deserts of sin and impiety that surround the hive cities of Necromunda. The Redeemer was coming home to his base in the ash wastes from a tour of faith, carrying with him the Emperor's Bounty: a mass of temporal coin gathered from more or less enthusiatic believers.
 It was then that we saw a rusty transport blocking our war forward, manned by those most impudent of harridans: the eschers!
 We got into a vindicating shootout with them until Klovis smashed the holy armoured mass of the Purgemobile into the sinful contraption
Brother Deza was shaken by the impact and fell to the sands, we soon lost sight of him, but Klovis exorted us to have no fear since a man's true faith is more than enough to sustain him in the desert, and such an experience would greatly improve his zeal through penance and meditation. Later, brother Deza joined us after a trek in the wasteland, proving once more the word of our holy messiah.
 Then we came alongside the heretics, pouring more bullets into them
 Unrepenting in the error of their ways, the enemies of faith drove before us, in a blatant and unimaginative attempt to cut us off
 Undaunted by such a setback, Klovis drove us around while sending deacon Berkark in a glorious  mission aginst the escher heavy, he proved somewhat, lacking in passion, when he was defeated by the overencumbered virago
 We kept firing round after round, and praise be! one of our blessed purification implements pierced their blasphemous engine, greatly slowing the barge of sin down 
 The apothates turned their ponderous heresy conveyor around, but we were too fast and sped away
 As we sung psalms to Him on Terra, we kept our fusillade, that even if it didn't send any of them to hell, did put some fear of the Emperor into their corrupt bodies, a worthy endeavour in itself 

With the ramshacle escher rustbucket falling behind, we drove for home, a Te Imperatorem sung in rejoicing for our victory, Klovis used wisely the donations of the faithful in convincing another devout into joining our holiest of causes: brother Helsing. Deacon Berkark rejoined our ranks, unscatched and reinvigorated by his experience

Friday 12 January 2018

The Wasteland Crusade: Episode 3, Klovis's Revenge

 To further the glory of our Inmortal God-Emperor I keep on with the story of the Redeemer. Afer taking command from our crusade again, Klovis planned to get his back on the escher gang, or as he put it "bring the Emperor's judgement upon the head of the undeserving"
 We waited until the heathen swarm made stop on their sinful tour, springing then our ambush!
 Two of the heathen harridans were brought low by our holy fire, then finished off in combat
 Two of the faithful jumped into the barge of sin, but were surrounded and quickly dispatched by the godless eschers, a final prayer on their lips
 As I led a second wave to the assault, the luscious harridans had the effrontery to counterattack our charge, killing one of  our number and putting me, despite my boundless faith, in quite a fright
 Buth then, at a signal from the Redeemer, the rest of our brethen fell like the angels of the Emperor on the daemonic concubines,catching them in their vindictive strike
 And, praise be! their assault killed most of the pagan rabble, who hit the ground as if striken by the flaming sword of the lord of Terra himself
After witnessing the unstoppable tide of our rightful wrath, the rest of the gang, spineless cowards as they were, ran for it, leaving us in control of the battlefield, singing anthems to his Glory.
However, our victory wasn't bloodless, and brother Desval was commended to the grace of the Emperor. He, in his divine wisdom, gifted us a new recruit shortly afterwards, brother Torquemada, wo is more than eager to prove his worth and zeal to the legendary Redeemer

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Waloon guards

 These are the spanish guards from the napoleonic period, its members came from Belgium or from belgic inmigrants in Spain. When the war began the regiment was spreaded a bit all over the place, but a contingent took part in the famous battle of Bailén, the first in our campaign

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Stygies cuirassiers punisher

 Painted the christmas gaming present: a leman russ, I picked the punisher gatling and some antitank for versatility. The model is converted using drop pod bits for the storm bolter and left aquila.

 The parchment comes from the steam tank
 Improving through the years: the model has both highliting and weathering
Need to ink that skull

Sunday 7 January 2018

Pouian Hiveguard: infantry squad

 These will be my last hiveguards for a while, they are the easy assembly cadians with slight conversions such as heads, extra weapons and so. The squad is led by a sergeantette so PCs rejoice!

Tuesday 2 January 2018

The Wasteland Crusade: Episode 2, to the rescue!

 I continue with the tale of Klovis's life, wich shines as an example of purity and zeal to us all.
With the Redeemer captured and the Pulpitek destroyed, I spent the donations of the faithful on another crusading conveyance to lead a rescue mission on the escher's mutant hideout. 
Christened purgemobile and painted in the livery of our glorious redemption it carried me and a select number of the devout in an all or nothing attempt to recover our beloved leader from the jaws of death or worse at the hands of that gang of sinners.

 Great was our exultation when we spied a lone sentry guarding Klovis.
In their hubris, the daemonic vixens had left their den all but unprotected, truly a sign of the Emperor's favour towards us, the defenders of His cause in this desert of  heathens
 Singing psalms to Him on Terra we rushed upon the surprised sentry, and despatched her quickly to an afterlife of atonement through torment for her numberless sins
 I was the first to hurry to the aid of my beloved Redeemer, cutting his bonds with my trusty knife
 At the sound of the gunshots a veritable horde of the semiclad she-devils showed up, together with their rusty, but heavily armed, transport
 The leader of the sinners even had the effrontery to challenge Klovis to a duel, the breath caugh in my throat as he suffered a griveous blow, but he rallied in an instant and lunged back into combat
 Hurrying to his aid, I attacked the pagan harpy, and felling her, saved my mentor. Not that he, most paramount of crusaders, nedded any saving; but having almost lost him once I was ready to risk it all in defence of his holy person
 With most of the crew dispatched, brother Berkark jumped into the heathen contraption, quickly killing the surprised driver
 Near me brother Enguera was also locked in a mortal fight with one of the idolatresses, but with a heavy blow of his club, he knocked her down
With the way clear we mounted on the Purgemobile and sped off into the horitzon, leaving behind the dumbfounded harridans. The redeemer congratulated us on an excellent job, and vowed that he would take us with him in many a future purging against the heretic, the mutant and assorted sinner filth.
A promise wich is enough to content the heart of any true and faithful redemtionist.

Great was the rejoicing among the comunity of the true faith, so great in fact, that a young novice, brother Kramer, joined the ranks of the church militant inspired by our deeds.