Wednesday 24 January 2018


 In the underhive the name Cyborgette is a byword for discreet and quick captures without questions asked. Some point to the quality of her gear and say that she clearly comes from uphive, others will tell you that she got it thanks to always getting the job done

 The bounty huntress carries a sign with the latest bounties, price and name, in case anyone gets interested in claiming the reward. She appears to be saying: 100 creds to the one who gets that guy
 Like all bounty hunters she is festooned with gear. Remids me a scene in a webcomic:
Inquisitor: how many arms do you have?
Bounty hunter: two my lord
I: and how many weapons do you carry?
B: four my lord
I: don't you see a problem there?
B: What do you mean?
I'm specially proud of the bionic leg