Wednesday 27 February 2019

Cold One Riders

 Second part of the comission was a regiment of cavalry, for these I continued the scheme of the hero with blue added for the mounts and shields. I kept green to a minimum since the bases are already full of vegetation. As computer sculpts these have a nice all round 3d  shape but lack the depth of detail of the handmade miniatures. Both designs have their advantages but for the painter plastic is a far better material since it doesn't flak and weights nothing.
And yes the grey areas in the arm joints have been since painted
 These sauruses are so done with skaven shit
 Nice mayan details overall and lots of gold too
 Some cold ones came without the right foot, so I had to Mcgyver up some "ruined pillars" with bits of sprue to give hem more stability
 I like how all the new range keeps a common theme with the same iconography, again that is due to constant recycling and resizing of computer files, but as long as it does the job...
Command group

Sunday 24 February 2019

Lizardmen Battle Standard & skink prest

 I painted these lizardmen for a comission, they are very detailed models but like all metals they are affected by the 2d syndrome, where most of the detail is in two opposing faces. I painted them in classic RGB, the pointy bits are done like obsidian plus some gems and feathers. I wanted to go with a tribal vibe, so lots of leather and no steel. No wonder that everyone is going out to Lustria looking for gold, these models carry a ton of it!
 The banner reminded me of a mayan calendar so I painted it like stone

 Quite happy with the rotten heads

 The skink is done in a lighter red, with a green scaly cloak and some cute frogs and salamanders chilling around, also note that the  staff is topped by a grey seer's skull, cool!

Saturday 23 February 2019

Brother Saul

 Saul is the Dark Angels representative in the kill team, his inquisitive nature marked him as a potential liability in his chapter and so he was "volunteered" to serve in the Deathwatch. He is not without merit however, as his swordplay is unmatched in the unit. He has proved his skill in several engagements and honour duels with Ranulfsson, all of which he has won. Such proficenency tends to be his undoing however, as he prefers to engage the enemy in hand to hand, keeping his bolter stashed in the back. He's also an arrogant narcicist that gets into fights with his fellow brothers on a daily basis. However his close combat capabilities tend to balance the long range leanings of his brethen so he's a vital part of the team.

 Kill team Chadius ready to roll. 
They have won 4 games and lost 2 in the local league.

Are you talkin' to me wof?
Yes angLe

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Forth eorlingas

 King Theoden leds the embattled defenders of Helm's Deep in a last do or die sortie against the uruks
 Aragorn and Theoden take the lead
 Uruks & orcs swirl around the causeway
 The remaining half of the Isengardians watch for Gandalf and the relief force
 A firebase is formed
 Since the heroes remain on top of the causeway the bad guys climb up
 Only to be charged
A lucky arrow dismounts Gamling

 Gandalf comes with the first light of the fifth day 
 Gamling is smushed by the troll, while Legolas dies to massed volleys
 Friendly fire! the troll loses two of his three wounds to orc arrows
Battle comes to an end, the relief force has been relieved of their lives and the scant heroes stand against a sea of enemies, victory going to Isengard

Friday 15 February 2019

Ragnar Ranulfsson

 Brother Ranulffson is the spesh wofs space wolves addition to the kill team. He was a longfang in the rout and brings much needed heavy firepower to the mission. He's an old cantankerous warrior, who openly mocks the Codex much to Escobar's chagrin. He is often the voice of reason that calms down the more reckless impulses of capitain Chadius.
 The deathwatch have the best toys, in this instance a combi heavy bolter-flamer
 No wolf worth his salt would leave the Aett without an axe to bash heads with and a jug of mead

 Ragnar leaves devastation in his wake

 Wolves love to decorate their gear, storied veteran like Ragnar is bedecked with trophies, gilding and wolf pelts, which signify rof his status amongs his brothers instead of more standarized markings
Ragnar thinks that there is no such thing as too many weapons, so he carries an extra axe in battle and has modified his bolter with a razor sharp bayonet