Monday 18 February 2013

Sons of Erin

Historical irish regiment from the CSA in the civil war

Here i present you  the  A company from the 1oth Tennessee, nicknamed the sons of erin


 Section A

 artillery support
 High command
 Section B

Historical characters

 Captain John G. O'Neill

 A native of Ireland. Served as Captian of Company A. Ended the war Lieutenant Colonel. 
He was commanding the 10th at the battles of Missonary Ridge, Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca, Franklin, 3rd Murfreborough, Nashville, Bentonville.  During the Battle of Resaca, O'Neill was wounded he was shot though both lungs. He surived the war.
 First Lieutenant James McMurray
 Second Lieutenant Charles H. Stockell
 The Fitzgerald Brothers

There were two twin brothers who were Irish immigrant orphans. Morris Fitzgerald (called Mo)
and his William Fitzgerald (called Willie) were identical in theirs looks and appearances. They were named the "Fighting Fitzgerald" because they fought a lot not other men but themselves. During the attack on Fort Donelson, Mo was wounded in the face, when he got up he found out that was only a scratch and kept on fighting.
 A Corporal in full uniform

Father Emmeran Bliemel
A native of Germany, was the first Catholic chaplain to be killed in action in an American War. While serving as chaplain of the 10th Tennessee Infantry and 4th Kentucky Infantry CSA was decapitated by an cannon ball during the battle of Jonesboro, Georgia. During the attack of the Confederate Army. The Colonel at the time William Grace was mortally wounded; Bliemel was kneeling before the wounded Colonel when he was hit by a cannon ball.


the colours